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Our First Sukkot in Photos!
by Jennifer Baughman, Community Manager

One of our favorite fall holidays is Sukkot, which speaks to the celebration of bounty and harvest. Sukkot, with it's Biblical origins, marked the end of the agricultural year. To commemorate the end of the growing season, celebrants build a Sukkah, a festive temporary dwelling reminiscent of the huts Biblical farmers lived in during harvest season in the fields. For a period of seven days, families gather and have meals in the Sukkah.

This year, we built our own Sukkah on our Kinderhook Farm, Katchkie, and hosted an interfaith, Sunday evening pot luck to celebrate! It turned out to be a gorgeous and bright fall day with food, music, friends, community, and of course, dogs smile

View the above slideshow for a look at our first Sukkot celebration!

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