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“Old Fashioned” Derby Truffles
by Saul Bolton, Executive Chef at The Norm at Brooklyn Museum

18 oz Valrhona Caraibe

1 cup heavy cream

2 oz room temp butter

10oz crushed Walkers shortbread cookies

½ cup of Blantons Barrel aged old fashions

4 cups of roasted chopped and salted pecans

1)  Bring cream to a boil add Old Fashion, pour over chocolate

2)  Let mixture sit for a few minutes then starting in the middle mix in concentric circles until smooth and shiny

3)  Now add the butter and mix until incorporated

4)  Now fold in the crushed cookies- let the mix cool for 1 hour uncovered then cover and refrigerate

5)  To finish scoop and roll truffles to the desired size then roll in the pecans- enjoy!

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