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Great Performances October Newsletter
by Beth Kaiserman



Dear Friends, 

Things busy enough for you? My calendar is packed and here are some picks to share:

  • The Art of Cooking, annual Fall gala for The Sylvia Center honoring Joe Ravitch – with a menu designed by Chef Michael White, celebrating 10 years and working with 20,000 children!
  • Slice Out Hunger on October 4, with proceeds benefitting The Sylvia Center and City Harvest.
  • World Food Day on October 16 with events and special menus citywide, including at our cafes.
  • NYCWFF with hundreds of events citywide, and we are the official caterer for the 7th year!
  • Fall Festival at Katchkie Farm, with activities in the garden and delicious cooking in the wood burning oven.
  • #HudsonScare in Hudson Square – best Halloween bar drinks right here in our own downtown neighborhood!

Have fun!


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