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NY Magazine Winter Weddings
by Chef Mark Russell

Our feature in the Winter 2016 NY Magazine Weddings Issue:

What began as a request to participate in a photo shoot for New York Magazine, featuring fall wedding plates, became a study in method. 

I chose to play with the flavors of a boiled beef dinner, and its’ vegetarian alternative: sous vide rib-eye, earthy braised greens, poached roots and vegetables, and sweet purées; all of the long, lazy flavors of my family's Sunday dinners.

I noted that what made this dish so flavorful was the aromatic roots and vegetables layered in the broth. Vegetables from our farm, and some from neighbors. One simply had to bring them up to temperature and pull them out as they became tender. The meat, in the end, was beside the point.

This same method applied to a vegetarian alternative, rendered a stand-out-dish, of equal satisfaction: Vegetarian Pot Au Feu. Long, lazy poached roots and vegetables, simmered in a fermented vegetable broth. With that, we created the plates for our New York Magazine Winter Weddings feature.

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