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Mothers Know Best
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

I feel very lucky to be able to keep In touch with many of my brides and grooms after their weddings and with the use of Facebook and Instagram it certainly helps! But last week I had the opportunity to get together with not just one of my past clients but three!! The three wonderful in every way ladies weren't the brides but their mothers!!!

Ronnie, Rochelle and Jody all hosted their daughter’s weddings at The Plaza and I had the great pleasure of working with all of them! These women knew one another but not extremely well beforehand and throughout the planning process got to know each other a little better and lunched together throughout to share and swap ideas!  Each time I would see one of them they would tell me about a recent meeting and it really warmed my heart to know that what we were creating for their daughters was something that was building and strengthening new relationships between these women!

When they extended an invite to join them for lunch after all three weddings had taken place I took it as such a nice compliment because they were truly thrilled with how each celebration had come to fruition! Each one of them were such lovely hosts to their guests and incredibly diplomatic when dealing with their daughters! Watching each one of them find the perfect way to blend their vision along with each daughter's ideas is pretty incredible to witness. They all waltzed through the planning process with grace and elegance!

We laughed and laughed and being that my own mother is so far away from New York City it was so nice to listen and take advice from three ladies that I had spent so much time with during the past 2 years!  During conversation I asked them what their favorite moment was during the wedding and what advice they could give to my upcoming mothers of the bride! Here’s what they said: 

Rachelle Balaban

"This is tough because there were so many special moments. One moment would be the first glimpse of the Grand Ballroom all set up glimmering before the guests arrived. Of course, the sight of the chuppah and candles lighting up the Terrace Room as we walked Jen down the aisle. Whatever my dreams were of walking my daughter down the aisle were fulfilled by the long aisle in the Terrace Room.

“If I had to give a piece of advice to other mothers: listen to Emily and enjoy the process as well as the wedding day." 

Jody Konstadt

Favorite Memory

“The entire wedding was a dream.  I loved watching Debbie get ready and loved the procession in the synagogue, which Emily so beautifully helped us with.  The speeches at the party were especially warming to me...having the band play softly in the background was lovely.  The Plaza setting made everything magical.  The quality of the staff and the food was very impressive, especially given the size of our wedding.”

Advice to MOBs:

“Relax and enjoy every moment.  The bridesmaids came to the bridal suite with hair and make-up done. We had a hair stylist there for touch-ups but I think it made for a less frenetic time.

My daily lists were very helpful.  I kept a running list on my computer, changed it each day and made a new printout so that I always had the phone numbers I needed with me...all on only one or two sheets of paper."

Ronnie Kirsch

"Best memory- watching Laura and Eric have their first dance and knowing that the evening was everything they ever dreamed of. My husband and I were married exactly 40 years before at The Plaza and so we knew what it's like to have that perfect memory for the rest of your life. As they sing in "Fiddler on the Roof", the Plaza is a place of "Tradition" and history and nothing feels better than that.”

Advice for MOB's

Realize that if you start at The Plaza, you have nothing to worry about. This is what they do and have always done- I mean, it's the PLAZA!  Let them lead the way." 

At the end of our lunch, I sent a photo to their daughters who all got quite a kick out of it and we decided our next lunch we will bring the girls who don't even know each other yet! But I know they will share an extraordinary bond when they do meet and I'm excited to watch it unfold!

Thank you Ronnie, Rochelle and Jody for letting me and the rest of the CPS Events Team create extraordinary memories for you and bringing not only your daughters dreams come true but yours too! 

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