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Modern Paradise
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

It's not everyday that a bride walks into my office and says I'm looking for my wedding here to be modern. But that's exactly what happened when Merissa and Dave walked into The Plaza to plan their dream wedding! They both knew that The Plaza was the perfect location for them but they were really excited to mix it up a bit! Merissa's mother Susan and father Robert must be the best hosts for any affair they throw and I could tell from meeting them right away as they were just as excited as Merissa and David were about throwing a Plaza wedding. Susan had a vision and Merissa was completely on board with it which was nice to see with a mother daughter duo. It's sometimes not always the case! Their event planners Debbie & Stacey were also very willing to turn The Plaza upside down a bit.They knew David Beahm Design was the perfect event designer for the job and soon dates were booked and we were off to the races! David's team worked really well to help make their vision come to life.

We finished most of the planning early on, so we actually felt ahead of the game. The adorable bride and groom were so excited that they would come to The Plaza once a month for a cocktail on the same date of their wedding leading up to their big day! And boy will they be back to celebrate because I think we could all relive this day over and over again.

The only thing difficult about this Wedding was setting up after a huge event the night before but after an all night into the next day setup we were ready.

Guests arrived to The Palm Court where they were greeted with champagne before they moved into the Terrace Room for the ceremony. Once the doors opened they were in awe of the tall and dramatic chuppah that David's team has created the perfectly matched Merissa's vision of having her ceremony sparkle! The chuppah was made of silver mirrors and you could see the reflection of the bride in groom in the slated top! It was powered by sparkling lights that were inside the four sides - it was just incredible!  Then as the bride started to walk down the aisle one of the most extraordinary moments that I have ever seen at a wedding took place! Merissa started her walk to her prince charming to a recorded version of Coldplay's "Paradise" that classical musicians played over.  Then as the music was playing she stepped onto the LED aisle that David has custom created for her that literally sparkled as her veil flowed behind her! It was so magical that even I had to stop the tears from flowing! I had never seen anything like it! It was a total sign of the times. I'm sure will start a new trend in the wedding world! The guests were in awe and so was Dave as he watched her sparkle all the way to him under the chuppah!

As the guests cheered Mazel Tov, The Palm Court was revealed once again for the cocktail hour with an abundance of sushi, lamb chops and always a crowd pleaser, traditional pigs a blanket!

Dave and Merissa made their way through the crowd and helped their guests move to The Grand Ballroom because they were so excited to reveal it to them! Everyone was surprised to see The Grand Ballroom look like it never had before! David's team hung a giant chandelier with oversized industrial light bulbs over a black and white dance floor to set the mood! There were minimal flowers and the flowers that were in the room were simple single stemmed white roses which gave the look a chic contemporary feel yet still romantic! It was truly a modern paradise! Elan Artists musicians rocked the dance floor all night long! We knew this was a dancing crowd! They barely stopped to enjoy their branzino or filet mignon! After the laughter subsided following the incredible speeches Merissa and Dave cut their black and white wedding cake and invited everyone to their After Party in the Centennial Foyer! Keeping with the black and white look, custom black and white cookies were handed out as favors complete with the bride and groom's monogram! And a big surprise was awaiting the bride and groom .... Debbie and Stacey surprised the Bride and Groom with their favorite food ever... Big Olaf's ice cream straight from The Hamptons! They went wild!!  They kept saying this was the best best night of their lives!  And I have to say it was one of the best parties I have seen! 

Who says you can't do modern At The Plaza?! Just ask Dave or Merissa and they will certainly say you can!

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