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Miami Open 2018 | Great Performances


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Miami Open 2018
Company News
by Liz Neumark

This is year 14 of our favorite ‘Away Game’ – as the caterer overseeing all the food served at the Miami Open. (You may remember it being called the Lipton or Nasdaq or Sony Ericsson in years past.)

For 10 days, we serve everyone from players and umpires to the general public and suite guests in a range of settings on the tropical Key Biscayne tennis campus. 

I love the energy at the tournament and the range of visitors and blend of languages - all passionate about tennis. People line up for amazing sushi and ceviche, fresh salads, irresistible ice cream, Latin specialties and more. In the suites, our chefs present mouthwatering veggies from Homestead farms, fresh local fish and interactive buffets. It is a food love fest! 

I spend a week onsite, supporting our staff and interacting with guests. Every day is an eating adventure as I want to try some new dish we have introduced. In 14 years, we have seen food trends emerge in Miami, along with a more sophisticated and international dining palate. It has been a fabulous challenge for us to come onsite and build a culinary village on an otherwise empty site. 

The tournament ended April 1 – and once again, it has been an amazing year. Here is a taste of tennis!

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