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Meaningful Sustainability: Community
Company News
by admin

Great Performances is dedicated to creating and engaging a sense of community within our company and externally. Since 1979, we have built ties to many organizations in New York City and over the past eight years, in the Hudson Valley. In our offices, we collaborate inter-departmentally for our clients to incorporate great flavors, service, and social and environmental responsibility at cafes and at events.

One of Great Performance’s achievements was to expand our footprint to the Hudson Valley. In 2006, we purchased 60-acres of land in the Hudson Valley. Katchkie Farm is a Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) certified organic farm that delivers fresh produce to over 800 New Yorkers in the form of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) as well as to our cafes and commissary for special events. Katchkie Farm spearheaded the workplace CSA, delivering fresh produce to offices throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.  We also host three community CSA’s, where neighbors come by and pick up their shares are cafes in SoHo, Hell’s Kitchen, and Chelsea.

Katchkie also provides fresh produce, jarred products, and healthy prepared items from our farm and local producers to New Yorker’s via Greenmarkets since 2009.  In the event that there is excess produce and prepared food, we donate it to City Harvest.

Katchkie Farm is home to the Sylvia Center, a non-for-profit with a mission to youth and their families to establish independent healthy eating habits. The Sylvia Center was founded by Liz Neumark in 2006 to connect New Yorkers on both ends of the food spectrum: the privileged clients served by Great Performances and the underserved, at-risk youth population in New York and the Hudson Valley. In 2014, The Sylvia Center hosted 1,625 participants led 52 different programs both in NYC and at Katchkie Farm that will hopefully inspire individuals and families to lead healthy and productive lives.

Great Performances supports and collaborates with many community organizations in New York City.  We are proud members of Slow Food NYC and were awarded the Snail of Approval in 2009 in honor of our commitment to a local and sustainable food system. We work closely with Just Food and GrowNYC to propel the food movement through educational resources, conferences, and fundraising events. These collaborations range from participating and contributing to Just Food’s various CSA activities to donating food to various fundraising events for the Salvation Army, Audubon Society, Just Food, Westside Campaign Against Hunger, GrowNYC, amongst many others.

We contribute to our community in other ways – donating time and resources to a variety of organizations that support the arts, education, cancer research, and food security. Great Performances regularly donates surplus food from our commissary kitchen, venues, and private events to food banks and pantries.

We find that our workplace and organizational collaborations can catapult changes throughout our local food system that have a larger implications regionally and nationally. We are inspired by organizations and individuals that push for institutional changes that empower consumers and producers alike. Through education and collaboration, we believe that our efforts towards a more sustainable food system will be realized. 

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