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Meaningful Sustainability: Anti-Hunger
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by admin

Within New York’s five boroughs there are approximately 1.4 million individuals, predominantly women, children, seniors, the working poor, and people with disabilities, who depend on soup kitchens and food pantries. Additionally, there are approximately 2.6 million New Yorkers that struggle to purchase sufficient food for themselves and their families.  In a city that contains such great wealth, knowledge, innovation, and resources, the existence of such hunger in NYC is unfathomable.

We have been working with various food banks and pantries since we opened our doors, first collaborating with City Harvest since the early 1980’s.  Today, our program and relationships with other pantries and banks have grown and we donate regularly to Westside Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH), The Bowery Mission, New York Common Pantry, City Harvest, and Food Bank for NYC. In 2014 we donated over 25,000 pounds of food to our partner pantries!

Knowledge of community and supporting community organizations is crucial in combatting hunger. In addition to our food donations we have worked with WSCAH in their chef training programs (and have the pleasure to now work with some of the graduates at main commissary kitchen). We organize clothing drives. We volunteer at pantries. And we are proud that we are able to provide quality food to a broad spectrum of New Yorkers.

A Great Performances' tradition is an active participant in the Salvation Army Thanksgiving day feast.  Office and culinary staff volunteer their time and Katchkie Farm donates produce to help create a delicious and healthy meal for New Yorkers in need.  It is one of our most rewarding traditions, and something we are very proud to participate in. 

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