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May Days!
by GP Chefs

Spring has sprung! Our Chefs share recipes and memories to celebrate the five holidays in May that inspire fantastic food and themed parties. 

Cinco de Mayo  May 5th

Chef David Heredia

Cinco De Mayo has generally become a Mexican-American cultural celebration often mistaken by friends and others as Mexico’s Independence Day. In Mexico it is a parade to commemorate the victory of Puebla to stop French advances in the region to eventually push them out of the region. Independence Day is September 16 from the Spaniards, and therefore I present two dishes from Puebla, and a third simply to be a favorite.

Chile Rellenos

Mole Poblano


Kentucky Derby May 6th

Chef Saul Bolton

Hot Browns. I spent a few formative years in Cincinnati, Ohio which is on the banks of the Ohio River. Covington, Kentucky is right across from Cincinnati. Long story short we were not far from Louisville, where the Hot Brown was invented at the Brown Hotel. All this means nothing to me! My Mom (capital M) used to make hot browns whenever we had left over turkey in the fridge. Probably my fave open faced sandwich. Imagine, if you will, slices of really good bread well toasted and buttered, topped with slices of moist turkey breast, topped with slices of ripe sweet tomato, and good crispy bacon all topped with a Mornay Sauce, then carefully broiled until bubbly and brown! Sprinkle with thinly sliced green onions and serve. Yum. A Hot Brown is a version of Welsh Rarebit, which is a British Dish from the 1800’s.

Hot Browns Like My Mom's 

What else? Well, summertime screams BBQ!! Smoke it. No better deodorant than hickory smoke and mutton fat! Kentucky is famous for their Mutton BBQ with Black Sauce.  I don’t know if the genteel folk of the Kentucky Derby nibble on Mutton BBQ? I would imagine not… Maybe things need to change for the Derby. It’s the only state that is known for this unique style of BBQ. I first read about Mutton BBQ in the 1996 book Smoke Stack Lightning (title of a Howling Wolf song). The legend continues. As of 04/15/17 I still have not had the real thing.

Kentucky Style Mutton BBQ 

Truffles? I love savory truffles! But hold up - I really love sweet truffles. Adult truffles not for the weak at heart.  As Julia Child always said, 'your sauce is only good as its ingredients.' At The Norm we serve a barrel aged old fashion made with Blanton’s Bourbon - so tasty! At the end of the day we use the best chocolate, butter, cream, shortbread cookies, pecans and our barrel-aged Blanton’s old fashion and create what is the yummiest “Old Fashion Derby Truffles” you can imagine. A perfect treat for Derby Day.

"Old Fashioned" Derby Truffles

Mother’s Day May 14th

Chef Lisa Barone

I chose to go with breakfast items for Mother’s Day, because when I think of my mom, I think of the morning sun. She would start the day by opening the blinds and wishing everyone a glorious morning. My mom always made us delicious breakfast on the weekends when we wouldn’t have school, and she would speak about how much fun it was to make, and then sit to chat about the coming day. My mom was always about getting to eat the sweet AND savory, she would make us a hearty side dish (like the Brussel hash) and then add it with crepes, pancakes or waffles.

Berry Compote Crepes

Brussel Sprout Hash

Eggs Benedict

Ramadan May 27th to June 25th

Chef Tsering Nyima

Ramadan is a month of day-long fasting broken at sunrise for Suhor, and at sunset for Iftar. Chef Nyima provides a recipe for Iftar meant to satisfy and sustain you throughout the night!

Masala Dal Vada 

Memorial Day May 29th

Chef Alex Olefi

Chef Alex shares a recipe for an elevated taste of Americana with his smoky BBQ inspired vegetable dish. Stay away from the heavy, sticky sauces and work with a recipe that can be done WITHOUT an outdoor grill! 

Smoked Cauliflower with Braised Swiss Chard and Celery Root

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