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Lycee Francais 2017
by Jennifer Baughman, Community Manager

Toi + Moi = Beyond The Self 

We have been partners with LFNY since 2009 and have had the pleasure of participating in it’s annual innovation from WTC 7, to Pier 36, to the Javits Center, and to it’s home since 2015, the Park Avenue Armory. 

Sales Director Shaun Roberts spoke about how he looks forward to this inspiring and art driven event, that is so rewarding for our team to influence in design and culinary representation of it’s theme. This year, as stated on the event’s website, “Toi + Moi = Beyond the Self celebrates the idea that we can, and should, strive to shape and affect the collective good. In so doing, Gala 2017 focuses on one of the most essential aspects of LFNY’s mission, fostering the values of respect, empathy, courage and kindness among our students and helping them to translate these values into action for the benefit of the world as a whole.” 

Shaun said, “It was so cool, and pleasantly surprising this year, to really feel how well GP fits in with this idea of social responsibility and sustainability. It really resonated with me. We focused on our own practices of sourcing ingredients through small business vendors, local and regional, sustainable foods, and an overall approach to creating a responsible, delicious, and French cuisine-inspired menu.  We used elements of French menus with smoked trout crepe, Tete de Moine, duck rillette, risotto of multiple grains, and riz au lait.
And of course about a month and a half later I’ll inevitably be thinking okay, what are we doing next year?”

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