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Lessons Learned During the 2016 Wedding Season
by Wedding Director, Carly Katz-Hackman

We’re officially closer to the end of outdoor wedding season than we are to the beginning, and wow, has it been a ride. Of course every year is different (and special!) and a chance to meet and work with amazing people, but it’s also basically one giant learning moment for me and my team. While said team can tell you that I’m the type of person to take any opportunity to tout my expertise, I’m also the first to admit when I have something left to learn.

Here’s a look at a few lessons I learned (and was reminded of) so far in 2016. Good thing I’ve got these down to refer to next year!

Keep turning lemons into lemonade.

Things are not always going to go as they’re supposed to go. This is a fact of life as much as it is a fact of wedding planning, and it’s so important to go into every event with the expectation that something may go wrong. Rain is one of those things that can and does go wrong. So how do you make lemonade out of the Ironic “rain on your wedding day”? Grab an umbrella and kiss the one you love. Just make sure the photographer is there to capture it.

Wave Hill Wedding. ©Roey Yohai Photography 

Beat the heat.

There’s no denying that summers these days are H.O.T. When a portion of your wedding is taking place outdoors, the heat can make for a not so comfortable guest experience. This summer, parasols were (rightfully) all the rage, and I look forward to recommending them to all my Summer Brides moving forward.

Four Freedoms Park Wedding. ©Emily Giove

Less isn’t always more.

Working with full-scale wedding planners and designers is always such a fun experience. These men and women have such an eye for things! Things that only come from a savant-like way of seeing the world. All throughout the planning process for one of our August brides, I kept thinking (and occasionally saying) “Really? Those colors together? That mixed china? That napkin logo?” But I trusted in the planner’s vision, as did the bride, and it could not have been more phenomenal. With this wedding, I was reminded that weird can be really freaking beautiful and I feel like the world has totally opened up. What a gorgeous world it is.

©Love This Day Events 

Work hard. Stay humble. Be kind. 

My mom gifted me a fabulous magnetic bulletin board with this sentiment on it for my office after last year’s wedding season, and I literally look at it every day to remind myself of the type of person and professional I want to be. Let’s break down the lessons:

      Work hard. 

Even though I’ve gone through the planning process a million and one times, chances are that it’s the client’s first time. They deserve nothing less than my all in making this the most special day they can imagine.

      Stay humble.

I am reminded to never become so sure of myself that I am not open to new ideas and being proven wrong.

      Be kind.

This should be a no brainer and I’m sorry if I’m not being kind in telling you so! Be a good person. Sleep well at night knowing that you’ve made someone else’s day better. Treat your colleagues and clients with respect. 

I recognize that it is weird to feature your cats more prominently in your office than your husband, but I make no apologies. - he knows who he married. 

We're not perfect people. Not in our personal lives, or in our professional ones. All we can do every day is try and be the best versions of ourselves and move into tomorrow more prepared to face challenges than we were yesterday. So cheers to being a work in progress! Let's make 2017 the best year yet. 

Eat, drink, and be married! 

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