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The Knot Gala 'Met by Moonlight' | Great Performances


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Reflections on The Knot Gala ‘Met by Moonlight’
by Carly Katz-Hackman

You know the saying: “If you can’t do, teach”? Well that definitely does not apply to the New York City event planning industry. Those who can party with the best of them just happen to throw the best parties! 

This is never more evident than at the annual Knot Gala – a special event where the crème de la crème of the event industry gets together at the New York Public Library and celebrates a season well done. So how did I get invited?! Just kidding – I’m amazing.

Going to the Gala is always a blast, but the best part is running into your favorite colleagues – those you usually only get to see when you’re running around in the service of another. From bumping into Tzo Ai of Ang Weddings and Events while waiting in line to check in, to literally colliding pregnant bellies with Julie of StrawberryMilk Events, it was a total lovefest and I. Was. Here for it.

Some other favorite spottings and selfies included the most fabulous team from Loli Events, who we had just had the pleasure of crushing it with two days before, our besties from 5th Avenue Weddings (shout out to Meena who has the best taste of anyone I know!), wedding-cake-baker-extraordinaire and all around goddess Madison Lee, and so many more.

Now, some takeaways from the Gala and what it means for the season ahead:

  • In case you couldn't tell from my outfit (cough, lipstick, cough), I'm all about the Goth-Glam this season, and the Gala planning team seemed to feel the same. The colors were dark and moody with feminine touches reserved for the florals and candlelight. No more "White Weddings" for 2018! Instead, it will be all about that dark and stormy sex appeal.
  • Catering continues to be about presentation, presentation, presentation! With crudité presented in literal flower pots, and soup doled out by the silver can, you can't get too playful with your displays in the year ahead.
  • Every wedding should have a bubbles bar. 

The biggest takeaway (other than industry love!) is that 2018 is the year to push the envelope. There's no longer such a thing as "should" when it comes to weddings! If people ask "why," the answer in the year ahead will always be "why not?!" 

So have fun, be yourself, and rock out however your heart desires. I can't wait to see what's in store.

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