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Kitchen Counter: Chef’s Summer Recipes
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Chef Geoff Rudaw

We are in the middle of summer with our second heat wave of the season. Here are some of our favorite recipes to help you cool off.  These dishes can be enjoyed poolside, around the supper table, or in the backyard.  Try pairing the beans with a smoky pork dish, such as baby back ribs, or a simple hot dog.  Enjoy the Lobster roll with your favorite chilled Gewürztraminer or Wheat beer. Enjoy!

Chef Geoff’s Sriracha Lobster Roll

Sauce Ingredients:

1 Cup Kewpie Mayonnaise

1.5oz Sriracha

1tsp Sesame Oil

1tsp Ponzu

1 tsp Chili Oil

8oz Lobster Meat

Pepperidge Farm Split Top Hot Dog Bun

Garnish Ingredients:

Thin Sliced Cucumber

Kiaware Sprouts

Sliced Scallions

Toasted Sesame Seeds

Crushed Rice Crackers


1.  Griddle the bun with butter

2.  In a mixing bowl, whisk all of the sauce ingredients together

3.  Mix the sauce with the lobster meat and divide between 2 freshly griddled buns

4.  Top with garnish

5.  Give one to a friend and enjoy!

Summer Beans

This is a recipe I like to serve during the summertime, when the grill is getting its best use. It’s a great way to perk up some burgers and dogs on the grill, but still serve up food that stirs some childhood memories.


2 Quarts Butter Beans (Reserve liquids)

1 Medium Spanish Onion

5 Cloves Sliced Garlic

8oz Smoked Bacon (Small, diced)

1 Cup Ketchup

½ Cup Steak Sauce

½ Cup Worcestershire Sauce

1 Tbsp Mustard Powder

½ Cup Dark Brown Sugar

½ Cup Mollasses

2 Springs Fresh Thyme

½ Teaspoon Cayenne


1.  Render the bacon about halfway until there is a lot of fat in the put but the bacon has not started to brown

2.  Add onions, stir into bacon and keep this moving to prevent burning

3.  Add remaining ingredients and the bean liquid

4.  Slowly simmer for about an hour until flavors have blended and the liquid has reduced some

5.  Add more water if the beans dry out more than you prefer

6.  Enjoy with hot dogs, grilled chicken, burgers, or ribs!

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