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Katchkie Farm Workplace CSA- Limited Sign Ups!
Katchkie Farm
by Amy Black

The Katchkie Farm Workplace CSA is back! On a weekly basis, our KF truck delivers shares to your office. To read about our program in the Wall Street Journal, click here.

Who are we?

Katchkie Farm is a 60-acre NOFA-certified organic farm in Kinderhook, NY. Farmer Bob Walker has been managing farm operations since 2006. Katchkie Farm is also home to The Sylvia Center, a non-profit that educates children to eat well through culinary education and hands on farm-to-table programs.


What is a CSA?

A CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Before each growing season, members sign up for a share in the farm and pay up front. During the season, the farm coordinates weekly deliveries of fresh produce from what is ready to harvest that week for a 22-week period.

Why join a CSA?

Participating in a CSA is a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between growers and consumers, while at the same time providing financial support for farmers and accommodating the scheduling demands of customers. A CSA is mutually beneficial; farmers are able to grow high quality produce on a small scale, and members receive a wide variety of farm fresh vegetables.  Think of it has a one-stop-shop grocery shopping experience of healthy, all organic, vegetables!


What do I get in my CSA share?

Shares on average contain 7-11 vegetables per delivery.  The share comes pre-bagged to your pick up location in compostable bags – facilitating composting on a consumer level.

Sample July share: broccoli, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, kale, summer onions, scallions, lettuce, zucchini, and parsley. Sample October share: beets, garlic, celery root, onions, mustard greens, leeks, butternut squash, peppers, tomatoes, turnips

Each week members receive a newsletter containing updates from the farm, cooking tips, and recipes. Here are 3 of our favorites from last season!

Spicy Black Bean Burgers

Sausage & Tatsoi Empanadas

Squash & Feta Muffins


Are there opportunities to engage with fellow CSA members?

All members are invited to Katchkie Farm for Spring Planting Day in May, the annual Farm to Table Dinner in July (a fundraiser) and the Fall Harvest Festival in October. Opportunities will also arise to participate in cooking demonstrations and other activities organized by our CSA Coordinator.


What is the price of the CSA share?

The price of a full share for the 22-week season beginning June 4, 2014 is $590. The price of a half share (deliveries occur every other week for 11 weeks) is $295.

To learn more about our CSA Program, please visit or contact


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