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Just Sprouted
Company News
by admin

Our passion for fresh and delicious ingredients, matched by our customer's hunger for convenient healthy options, inspired our Just Sprouted line. We want to sell the food we love to eat. Our ingredients are healthy - nothing processed or mysterious in our food - just clean flavors and items meticulously made from scratch in our kitchen.

Just Sprouted enables us to act on our commitment to support local farmers and artisanal producers. We also are able to include special ingredients from our own Hudson Valley organic farm - Katchkie Farm, where we have been engaged in good agriculture practices since 2007.

Our Passion Starts from Seed.

Dear recipe creator at the Brooklyn Museum. I love your butternut soups, beet chips to name a few dishes I have tried. I think the addition of Kosher menu choices are great. I have an idea for Passover:
I know it’s only one week, but it’s usually during “Spring Break”. If I went to the museum with my family, I would love a few Kosher choices.
Here are a few suggestions:
      1.Vegetable Matza Latkes with veggies in season
      2. Passover Bagels and Rolls—made with Matza Mel—They are light and airy like a Roll for a ‘Crème-Puff” 3. Mushroom, Pepper and Onion Vegetable Burger(added Black Beans for the “Sephardics.) If you would like these recipes, let me know.I love the quality of your food choices and I think some of these would be a good addition. Best,Helene Leonardi

By Helene Leonardi on 2016 01 26

How do we order the sweedish fish that Great Performances sells? They’re amazing.


By Rachel Shaw on 2017 12 21

Helene, thank you for the wonderful recipe suggestions! We will keep this in mind as our chefs create the spring menu at The Norm at Brooklyn Museum and the café.

Rachel, please note you can find our Swedish fish available at the cafés at Brooklyn Museum and Signature Theatre. They are not currently available for retail sale elsewhere. I hope this helps!

If either of you have further questions, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Thank you!

By bkaiserman on 2018 01 04

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