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Seasonal Feature: Jerusalem Artichokes | Great Performances


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Seasonal Feature: Jerusalem Artichokes
by Beth Kaiserman

Don’t judge a veggie by its cover. Small, large, knobby or round, Jerusalem artichokes bring a delicate, earthy delight to our plates. Roasted, raw, pickled or puréed, their sweet, nutty comfort is pure joy – and hope that more sunny Spring bliss is right around the corner!

Fun Facts:

1. The reason for the name is debated, but is likely from confusion with the Italian term for sunflower, girasole. Jerusalem artichokes are not from Jerusalem. Other names include sunroot, sunchoke, and earth apple.

2. Jerusalem artichokes are similar to potatoes when cooked. Chefs love their hearty, starchy yet delicate flavor

3. Known for high levels of inulin, a naturally-occurring fiber.

Try a delicious hearty recipe at home - and join our seasonal celebration at our cafes!


Sunchoke Polenta with Mushrooms & Poached Egg
Sunchoke Soup with Coconut Milk, Snow Peas and Mint
Sunchoke Relish

April 8-14:

Sunchoke Polenta, Wild Mushrooms, Slow Poached Egg at The Norm at Brooklyn Museum

Roasted Sunchoke Salad with farro, pickled onion, and mushrooms at Mae Mae Café

Sunchoke Soup at Garden Court Café at Asia Society

Roasted Sunchoke and Apple Salad at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola

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