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In the Kitchen with Joanne Wilson
by GP Marketing

As you may already know, GP is a firm believer in the mantra, "Life Happens Around Food." So, we want to feature people that inspire us, teach us, and help us grow in the place where the most food happens - the kitchen. A few months ago, we stepped into the kitchen with David Stark, and learned about his breakfast routine and his favorite independent food purveyors in the city. This month we chatted with Gotham Gal, Angel Investor, and Co-Founder of Women's Entrepreneur Festival (the list goes on!), Joanne Wilson, in her West Village kitchen. The conversation meandered through topics like Joanne's MVP kitchen appliance and her go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe (below!). 

Do you cook at home often?
I do cook often. I used to cook a lot more when the kids were in the house.
Now I only cook on Sunday nights and dinner parties, although in the
summer when were are at the beach, I cook almost every night.

What do you like to prepare?
I am up for anything but on a daily basis (back in the day) I definitely had
my standards. Most meals consisted of a protein, a vegetable and sometimes a
starch but now I have moved more into two vegetables instead.

What are you likely to always have stocked in your pantry?
My pantry is always stocked to bake in a moment's notice. I have an insanely well-packed pantry.


Where do you food shop? Any specialty stores that you swear by?
We shop European. We get our meats from the butcher, cheeses from the
cheese shop, vegetables and fruits from the vegetable and fruit stand and
breads from the bakery.

Do you have go-to recipes? Any key cooking techniques you’d like to

I am a big fan of roasting vegetables. Always super simple and good
for you. I also always have my homemade chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen.

What is your MVP Kitchen appliance?
My Mixmaster is one of my faves. I have the biggest one you can buy.

Do you have breakfast at home? If so, what’s your typical breakfast?
I make oatmeal almost every morning but on Saturday it is always
scrambled eggs and half a bagel.

Do you have a favorite cookbook or food publication?
I have cookbooks that I love and get magazines every month but I usually
look online to be inspired.

If you could have one last meal at home, what would it be?
That is a tough one. I am not sure I can answer that. I am a big fan of a
good roasted chicken.

If you could have one last meal out in New York City, where would it
be and what would you order?

That changes all the time. I am a huge fan of a top sushi restaurant.

Where is your next lunch or dinner reservation?
I am always trying the latest and greatest openings in the city. Not sure
which one we have next in the calendar.

What’s in your fridge now?
Lots of condiments, mozzarella, prosciutto, homemade pesto, sliced turkey,
almond milk, and berries.

How's the kitchen in your beach house the same and/or different than the kitchen in your New York City home? 

I use the same appliances in every kitchen we own. My pantry in the city is probably deeper in variety but they are all used pretty much the same. At the beach, we tend to grill more but otherwise same kind of cooking, just different locations. 

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, what are you having for dinner tonight? 

We're making grilled hanger steaks and a big tossed salad! 

Delightful !

By JONI NELSON on 2016 06 15

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