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I’m Engaged!
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Ali Papalia

I’m Engaged!!

December 3rd, 2016 was probably the best day of my whole life so far!  It started out as a normal day, I was doing some cleaning up around the apartment and Nick was getting ready to go for a run.  I stepped out for a minute and came back to find that he had left, but our apartment didn't look the same as I had left it 10 minutes prior. I walked in to find a ton of rose petals scattered in our entryway- and that's the moment it hit me, this is really happening!!! There was a sweet and heartfelt note on a chair that took me on a scavenger hunt of other notes scattered throughout the apartment. Each note was more romantic than the last, and by the time I got to the last one, I was in tears! The final note was a map of Central Park with a star over Turtle Pond saying "meet me here!"

I got ready faster than I ever have, threw on a photograph worthy outfit, and I was out the door!   I walked all way from my apartment on 63rd St. to the middle of Central Park and all I can remember is my mind moving a thousand miles an hour, I was just so excited!!  Little did I know, Nick did something clever and the night before and shared my location with him on our phones. This way he could know when I was approaching! Technology is really a crazy thing. Finally I got to where he was and I've never been happier to see him. And this is the moment he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I couldn't have said yes any faster!! It was such an emotional time, and we were both beaming from ear to ear! 

Once we had regained our composure, we immediately picked up the phone to call our families and spread the amazing news! They all couldn't have been happier and we began to make dinner plans for them to all come into the city to be with us. 

We both left the apartment in such a rush that we had to run back, but one of my favorite surprises ever was still in store for me!  We walked in the door and both of our families were there to greet us with champagne!!!  My parents, sisters and his mom and close cousins all surprised me and I immediately started crying... again! Good thing for waterproof mascara! Having our families there really put the cherry on top of this whole plan, and it couldn't have been thought out any better.  We then all went to brunch at Bar Room to celebrate! I really couldn't have imagined a better way to kick off this new journey than with family and friends around us. 

Now onto picking the venue! We have our first appointments this weekend, so stay tuned!

So sweet. Made ME cry!! So happy for you both. Congratulations.


By Gary Newman on 2017 01 18

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