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How to Plan a Wedding in 7 Days
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

People always say, you need at least ONE year to plan a wedding. I pretty consistently tell anyone who wants to listen that short engagements and planning a wedding quickly is actually the way to go. Until recently the fastest turnaround on a wedding that I ever had was 4 weeks. Until I got a phone call on a Thursday for a wedding the next Saturday.

The talented Barbara Esses who has been planning weddings for many many years called and told me there was a situation where a family didn’t feel safe having all of their 350 guests travel to South America for the wedding the next coming weekend. Luckily we had the date open (thank goodness it was February!) and by Friday we had a signed contract. It was unbelievable! All 350 guests changed their travel plans. The easiest way to let everyone know of the new location was via Paperless Post and that’s how RSVP’s were tracked as well. Barbara got on the phone with her most trusted vendors and soon we had the florist, music, and Kosher catering lined up. Their photographer Victor was flying in from Spain so he was immediately rerouted to NYC. Finally all was ready to get this party started at The Plaza. 

Here is the thing with wedding planning. Part of the stress comes with overthinking and having the time to not feel like you have to make decisions right away. But when it’s a quick turnaround like this, clients tend to feel good about the decisions they make because they want it to be checked off the list and they usually will still feel they made the right decision with the party being so soon. Styles and tastes can change in a matter of a few months and it’s interesting to see how sometimes clients change their minds so many times when they have too much time.

In this situation we were lucky the bride and the women already had their gowns because that could have been tricky to turn around so fast!

The menu was selected with about 3 days to spare. We even had time to order some fun Latin American vodka so we could bring a little taste of the south to NYC. The bride and groom were so excited about it!

The big day arrived. This was going to be the first time I ran a whole wedding without meeting the clients! They couldn’t have been nicer and were so appreciative of our team for pulling it all together.  We all bonded quickly and let the day unfold! It started off with a traditional Tish and Bedeken. The energy did not stop from there!

As guests entered the ceremony room they were in awe of the gorgeous Cherry blossom chuppah that Barbara and Atlas had designed. Bentley Meeker himself came by to set the perfect lighting and mood. The families were overjoyed! Once the ceremony ended everyone made it to the ballroom where giant palm leaves graced stunning long tables mixed with smaller bouquets of all different shapes and types of white flowers. It certainly had a South American flair to it!

We served just one entree course for dinner, and there were a few speeches before a massive sushi station opened and a decadent dessert buffet for guests to enjoy. The crowd danced all night, just like they would have if they had been down south! At the end of the night, the mother of the bride exclaimed that this was exactly what she had envisioned. A big rocking dance party. Everyone thanked us tremendously and my team was so happy! 

Everyone pulled it off and we all learned that with the right people and vendors involved even a perfect Plaza Party can come together in only 7 days!

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