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by Emily Reifel

I recently was lucky enough not only to have a hand in planning my best friend wedding but I was also able to truly able to enjoy myself during the process!  Here are a few tips on how to enjoy every moment and to live stress free!

Treat The Bride The Way You Would Want to Be Treated As a Bride – Remember that it’s her big day and most likely she will be there for you if she already hasn’t.  Stay calm, and as stressful as it can be for a bridesmaid, it’s just more stressful to be the Bride, please be mindful of that.  Emotions run wild during this time but you as Bridesmaids don’t need to be a cause for added stress. You should be the sounding board for her when she needs it most!

Don’t Spend More Than You Can Afford – Many Bridesmaids tend to start getting angry when they realize how much money they are spending to keep the Bride happy.  Don’t be afraid to tell her you can’t afford something. She will appreciate it when it’s stated ahead of time versus getting into an argument down the road.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the other bridesmaids. When planning a shower and or bachelorette party it’s okay to share in the costs but don’t spend the money and argue about it later.  That’s just not very lady like!

Set Boundaries With The Bride – One of the boundaries that my best friend and I set when we started the planning process was carving out specific time to talk about it.   She would always ask me “Can we talk about the wedding for just a moment?”  It was so nice of her to respect my time and also make sure that the wedding didn’t become the only topic of conversation over the phone or when we were doing something social.   Our friendship just become stronger and deeper by going through the process together and truly enjoying it rather that getting into arguments about it

It’s Not Your Wedding Day, it’s Hers!  - Make the bride feel extra special by offering to help her with anything that she can take off her plate!  Don’t bother her with asking about what time your hair/makeup is, who you are walking down the aisle with or what the silent vegetarian option is.  You will find out information as necessary and your role as a bridesmaid is to be supportive not a nuisance! 

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