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How I Spent My NYE
Liz's Blog
by Liz Neumark

How I spent my NYE

Party in the Second Avenue Subway!

It was the hottest ticket in town; the event of the century.  Governor Cuomo envisioned a celebratory night on the eve of the opening of the long awaited Second Avenue Subway, and we were tasked with making it delicious and reflective of the best of New York.

It was a fabulous collaboration with the Governor’s team, the MTA, the 72nd Street station team, at least 3 groups of law enforcement (State, City, Transit), musicians, tech teams and dozens of other moving pieces.  Every site visit required boots and hardhats, after all, it was an active construction site.  But by the time 600++ guests escalated down no less than 3 stories, it was time for party attire.

On the menu and at the bars – a tribute to Taste of New York (the Governor’s program to support locally grown and produced food).  From Katchkie Farm we included our housemade Kimchi, Pickled Root Vegetables, Beet Chips and Dandelion Pesto.  NY State Cheeses and Meats, beautiful local apples, Kale Salad and Bronx based Pretzels (and more) graced the buffets. 

The bars were a bounty of wines, beers, cider and spirits from New York’s amazing vineyards and brewers.  From Dry Rieslings to Cabernet Franc to Merlot; dozens of tempting beers; sophisticated ciders and show stopping aged Gin, Aged Whiskeys and award winning LI Vodka – it must have been impossible to decide what to drink first!

Our guests were a festive cross section of NY’ers – elected’s, officials, artists & performers, the press, professionals who labored to make SAS happen, and New Yorkers connected to this historic project – the warmest and most appreciative group of celebrants! 

The party stretched over the 3 blocks of the 72nd Street station, decorated with life size mosaics by artist Vik Muniz, called “Perfect Strangers” just a small part of the art that fills all 4 stations, along with the works of Chuck Close, Sarah Sze and Jean Shin.

As midnight approached, Governor Cuomo addressed the crowd, highlighting the accomplishments of hundreds of individuals over decades of dreaming, planning and building.  He highlighted what makes New York great – the values we share as we face the unknown of a new year. 

We toasted the new year together at midnight, one very big happy family filled with hope and inspired by the completion of a project decades in the making. Perhaps anything is possible given a New York State of Mind.

PS - Back 2012 I had a tour of the subway as a true construction site!  Amazing then, incredible now - see images and impressions in HuffPo.

Congratulations, Liz!  What a gig to get~!!!!  Historic

By Gina Rogak on 2017 01 03

It looks like this was a great party. The pretzels look great. We wish all of you a happy and a healthy new year.
Isaac and Paula

By Isaac Wachsberger and Paula Herman on 2017 01 03

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