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Hot Sauce Takes the Stage
by Liz Neumark

Feeling a little wintertime blah?  There’s a new hot sauce in town to perk you up!

Thanks to weather conditions which extended our growing season and a delightful lack of pepper-loving pests, the last year at Katchkie Farm has yielded a surplus of peppers.

With our commitment to creative and full utilization of our crops, we preserved the abundance of tomatoes and stored our root veggies, but didn’t have a plan for the excess of peppers. It was time to experiment! The idea of making hot sauce - a first for me personally - was intriguing. And Farmer Bob’s passion for hot sauce was added incentive to please a hardworking friend.

Two paths to making it: cooking/roasting the peppers or fermenting them with added ingredients. Given my current obsession with fermentation, there was no question a fermented hot sauce was on the horizon.

From the Kitchen

Method notes:

I combined chopped peppers, onion and garlic – in a quick Cuisinart blend.  Then I added salt, and let it sit for three weeks. I experimented with Katchkie peppers as well as some from the farmers market in Hudson as well as the Greenmarket.  The lineup included poppers, jalapeños, chili, Scotch bonnet, scorpion, Carolina Reapers, Peruvian aji amarillo, habaneros, Jimmy Nardello, and sweet bell. The final recipe we are using at Dizzy’s has jalapeño, red bell, Scotch bonnet and chili. 

Next, I added vinegar and the mix sat for another three weeks. Then it was time to purée the mixture in a Vitamix to yield 50 gallons of hot sauce! After that, the mix was batched and refrigerated to stop the fermentation. Next stop – the table!

Tasting notes:

-It is not hot for heat’s sake

-Doesn’t overpower food, rather enhances flavors

-Complex, bright vegetable flavor

-True ‘condiment’ in original sense of the word, which described preserved or pickled foods

Hot Katchkie makes its debut along with Chef Corey Samuel's new winter menu at Dizzy's Club Coca-ColaTaste all the fabulous hits of fermented flavor with his elevated Southern cuisine and a night of beautiful music.

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