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Hot Browns Like My Mom’s
by Saul Bolton, Executive Chef at The Norm at Brooklyn Museum


6 slices of good whole grain country bread

12 slices thick cut bacon cooked until almost crispy

12 ¼ inch thick slices of big ripe tomatos

8 cups of Mornay Sauce

12 nice 1/8 inch slices of roasted turkey breast ( or odd slices and pickings to loosely cover toast slices)

12 nice basil leaves ( just thought would be nice)

2 cups of grated aged Parmesan


1)  Toast the whole grain bread to a nice “ little more than golden brown color”- lightly butter them

2)  Top with slices of turkey that you season with salt and pepper

3)  Crisscross each with the almost crisp thick cut bacon

4)  Now place two basil leaves on top of each sandwich then top with the tomatoes be sure to season the tomatoes with salt and pepper

5)  Now place each sandwich in individual oven proof dishes- now nap with each sandwich with one cup of the mornay which you then sprinkle with the parm

6)  All you do now is broil and serve!

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