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CPS Events at The Plaza
by Ali Papalia

To close New York Fashion Week, Harper’s Bazaar threw an extravaganza in honor of Carine Roitfeld’s icons. We were lucky enough to host this event last year as the 1st Annual Hearst CR ICONS Event and we were beyond thrilled to have them back with us!  As my first big social event, it was great to see and be a part of the process from the very beginning. During the planning process, I was able to attend the walk through with Harper’s Bazaar and their event planning team. It was fascinating to hear about the changes they wanted to make to the Grand Ballroom! The Ballroom was going to be transformed for the evening and the who’s who of the fashion industry was going to be attending.

The day of the event was pretty hectic! The Grand Ballroom was transformed with gorgeous lounge vignettes, and the stage was set with enormous tree cutouts, ready for Katy Perry’s performance.  I spent most of the day assisting the Harper’s Bazaar team with anything and everything they needed to make the event a huge success.  Belvedere Vodka and Möet & Chandon sponsored the event with specialty cocktails and brought in their own bars for the event. The bars were filled with large bottles with the words “BAZAAR ICONS” on them. By the middle of the afternoon, the Ballroom looked completely different. I was in awe that a simple change in furniture could drastically change the entire atmosphere of the room.

Once the event kicked off, I stood by the front entrance and saw fans waiting to see Katy Perry among others arrive to the star-studded event. Photographers were outside waiting to get a glimpse of celebrities getting out of their cars to enter The Plaza.  Once guests started arriving, I went upstairs to see all the action in the Grand Ballroom.  Models, famous designers, and musicians were all walking the black carpet with photographers following their every move. I was very excited to see some of the models and musicians, one being Mariah Carey – another Icon!  She showed up fashionably late and stayed for a short time, but it was very exciting to see her; I am a huge fan! Guests were welcomed with butler passed hors d’oeuvres that were so beautifully colorful to go along with the fantasy theme of the evening. 

Katy performed towards the end of the night. Although the room was packed, I was able to get a glimpse of her on stage! This was my first time seeing her perform, and she was amazing – with live butterflies on her dress (Would you expect anything less?)! And guests were able to snack on some passed sweets later in the evening.  Overall, the event was a great success and I am happy that I was able to be a part of the planning process from beginning to end. 

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