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Happy Father's Day! | Great Performances


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Happy Father’s Day!
CPS Events at The Plaza
by CPS Sales Team

We love our fathers! For this Father’s Day piece, I went around the office and asked my colleagues to share their favorite meal or favorite thing to eat with their Dads.

“My father always used to make pancakes for me and my brothers. I continued this tradition and now do the same for my kids.”

Mike Warren, Director of Catering

“Being that my father was Latin, we always had left over rice in the refrigerator.  One of my favorite dishes he would make for me was scrambled eggs and rice for breakfast with sliced tomato and buttered rye toast. Here is the recipe for you all to try out!”

2 cups of cooked white rice

2 eggs

¼ cup of milk

Fresh dill

Salt and pepper to taste


Crack 2 eggs and combine milk, fresh dill and salt and pepper.  Mix in cooked rice and place in hot oiled pan scramble for 4 minutes.

Garnish with sliced tomato and buttered rye toast.

Rob Arango, Director of Client Developement

“My Dad is a very special man who in providing for his family built memories around food that he doesn’t even realize left lasting impressions.  If you met him you wouldn’t expect him to be an excellent cook but he has quite a few fierce tricks up his sleeve, and most of them do involve butter but he’s working on that.  However, when I think back on the most memorable meal we shared together, I always think of my childhood shore life.  Having been lucky enough to grow up spending my summers on the waterfront of South Jersey shore I was spoiled in experiencing the freshest of fish one could endure.  At the time my Dad loved to go sport fishing. He had a boat that docked outside of our home and would leave on the overnight to make it to the canyons by dawn. He would fish all day and come home to then fillet his catch on our docks.  My Dad was the grill master of his catch. I was truly able eat fish raw in its purest form. My Dad would literally go into the fridge and pullout whatever tickled his fancy to quickly marinate on the fish, sear it, plate it and voila, you were eating the most amazing fish you could imagine. We called it “everything but the kitchen sink”!   When you’d ask him to duplicate it, his response was always simple, duplicating love is not possible, it is art. To this day not one experience of that dining was ever replicated. Although he doesn’t embark on his passion of fishing any longer, one thing that remains known is his way of cooking the most amazing seafood!”

Erin Wiggins, Senior Catering Sales Manager

 “My Dad would always make “Bread Crumb Spaghetti” – it is a childhood favorite of mine that he still makes today. I love coming home to a big bowl of Dad’s spaghetti waiting for me!” 

Lauren Longhi, Catering Sales Manager

“Food is a big thing in my house and my dad LOVES to eat.  So much so, that since before I can remember, his mantra is that each Friday he treats himself to a delicious breakfast on his way to work to congratulate himself for getting through the week.   This eventually stretched into treating himself and the rest of our family throughout the weekend.  Saturdays became the ultimate indulgence of McDonalds breakfast, which is where I acquired a taste for breakfast sandwiches at an early age. Even though we all try to eat healthier now, there’s always going to be a soft spot in my heart for Mickey D’s.  Each time I go home for the weekend, I always know that I can look forward to a delicious breakfast hopefully sitting outside and enjoying my family’s company.”

Ali Papalia, Catering Sales Manager

“My dad is one of the best chef’s I’ve ever met! He has the ability to cook all types of cuisine and it always comes out just delicious. He is not afraid to open a book pick a random recipe and just see what happens. My parents alternate making dinner in our house and on nights when it’s my Dad’s turn, there is nothing I love more than sitting down to a nice big bowl of Thai red curry or whatever deliciousness he has come up with.”

Sasha Lal, Catering Sales Coordinator

“Growing up, my dad’s favorite hobby on warm Florida weekends was to fire up our poolside grill. We rarely ate any meat at home, my mother was vegetarian and I only ever ate fish and poultry. So for my dad to grill my sister and I chicken, always made him extremely pleased. One afternoon, he swept my sister and I away for lunch at our favorite local spot “Char Hut” for chicken, rice, and beans. However when my plate arrived, I announced to him that I was going to be vegetarian too at 12 years old. This forever changed how my dad and I shared special meals, but more so showed me how much he loves me and wants me to be happy constantly. Now, my mother and I are vegan and regularly drag him to vegan restaurants where he declares that it “almost tastes like real food,” but with a smile on his face.”

Kelsey Butler, Catering Sales Coordinator

“My Dad and I always have the best conversations when eating together. Now that he works in NYC, it is a lot more fun to meet up after work and try different restaurants! Our past few outings we have been trying different steak houses in the city. Although we almost order the same type of steak (NY Strip or Filet) at each place we go to, it’s always fun to spend time with my dad, bonding over our love of steak.”

Rachel Hernandez, Catering Sales Coordinator

"My dad and I love to eat steak and potatoes. It is by far our favorite meal with a nice glass of Cabernet."

Brittany Smith, Summer Sales Intern

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