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Greenmarket Regional Grains Project
Company News
by Andrew Luzmore, Katchkie Farm Intern


A couple months ago, the kind folks over at GrowNYC approached us to participate in their Greenmarket Regional Grains Project at the Union Square Greenmarket. The project brings together local chefs with local brewers and distillers to educate consumers about New York state ingredients, and connect producers in order to foster a more dynamic and lively community. As lovers of local food and drink ourselves, we were beyond excited when we were told that we would be working with Atsby Vermouth and From The Ground Brewery.


During the event last Saturday, our Great Performances chefs Matt and Arturo made a delicious slaw of vegetables and crab apples from the farm (with a couple splashes of vermouth and beer thrown in, for good measure) that paired perfectly with the beverages being poured. Despite the overcast weather, the market-goers showed up in droves and ate all 500 portions of slaw in a little over an hour. The afternoon sped by as we scooped samples, answered questions about our farm and catering company, and talked cole slaw technique. Overall, it was a great afternoon celebrating the incredible ingredients grown in New York State and the producers that call it home.

Check out the recipe for the slaw here!

For the Greenmarket Regional Grains Project weekly line up, check here

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