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by CMA

The GP Pastry team and the staff of CMA, Children's Museum of Arts, cut a deal. They wanted to see what life was like in each other's shoes so they swapped places for an afternoon. First, the GP pastry chefs visited CMA and had the opportunity to participate in the museum's interactive experiences. They even tried stop motion animation. See the video below for the final result!


Great Performances @ CMA 8.12.15 from CMA CLIPS on Vimeo.

Then the CMA staff came to the GP kitchen to test their skills in the pastry department. Our Executive Pastry Chef, Rob Valencia, led the staff in a pie baking class. They had Chef Rob's famous "Bluebarb Pie," which is a mixture of fresh blueberries and rhubarb in a traditional flaky pie crust (recipe here). See below for pictures of the CMA staff and Chef Rob throughout the "Bluebarb Pie" making process! 

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