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GP University
Company News
by Executive Vice President, Anthony Fassio

Event planners do more than simply select menus, order tables and count wine glasses. In fact, they do a lot more. Being a successful event planner takes stellar communication skills, up-to-date knowledge of food trends and the desire to continue learning. Some of these required skills are inherent to the individual and some, are learned.

At Great Performances we utilize GP University to educate our teams. This program helps event planners bring client desires to fruition through collaboration with our culinary team. This program is designed to foster an environment where continuous improvement and professional growth prosper.

Prospecting. Preparing for a Tasting. And Understanding Competition. These are just a few of the courses taught in GP University.

GP University was conceptualized in early 2015 and officially launched with the beginning of this year. This educational program was created to further implement philosophies and definitions of hospitality that Great Performances has developed over the course of history.

Covering an assortment of topics and formats, its purpose is to engage members of the GP team in principle strategies supporting our mission, core values and service standards.

The goal is to unite our business outlets and diverse workforce under one understanding of our philosophy and approach to the fundamentals of the hospitality industry: service, food, beverage, design, client interaction and sustainability.

The first course, Prospecting, was lead by Managing Director of Great Performances, Ronnie Davis. In the course of one hour Ronnie covered discussions points that include: purpose for contacting a client, how to handle objections, follow-up guidelines and what to do when you meet someone new.

Through theoretical thoughts, story telling and discussion points Ronnie led the conversation for fifteen members of our sales team. Not only did this course educate and train the team, it created a platform to sharing Ronnie, and GP’s, past experience and knowledge with newer members.

“Learn from your mistakes and give your whole self to your client,” explained Ronnie as the two best pieces of advice.

As a key point in our team development program, GP University sets the stage for more elite event planners that are skilled at executing any event. Upcoming courses will go beyond Sales 101, including contemporary food trends, how to integrate design and reimagining the guest experience. 

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