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GP Staff Member Hits the Broadway Stage | Great Performances


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GP Staff Member Hits the Broadway Stage
by Jonelle Margallo

Editor's Note: Jonelle made her Broadway debut in Miss Saigon last week. We are so proud! Here's her story.


My name is Jonelle Margallo and I think I can say I'm pretty much a GP vet at this point...I started working with GP 6/11/2009...for 8 years and 3 months to be exact! Whoa!

I've been singing, acting, and dancing since I was little and am from Mitchell, South Dakota...Home of the World's Only Corn Palace. After graduating from high school, I packed my bags and headed to Boston, MA. I attended Berklee College of Music for two years (vocal performance) and graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from The Boston Conservatory. I moved to NYC August 17,'s been 14 years!

Favorite Musicals I've Performed In:

Obviously Miss Saigon...this show is the reason I got into musical theatre. I would listen to the Original London cast album constantly in high school.

I just got back from Seattle doing Here Lies Love. It is probably the most fun show I have ever done. And I am definitely very proud to be a part of it because it tells the story of Filipino history, what my parents and relatives went through...but it's set in a dance club with a disco ball!

And my other two favorites are West Side Story and A Chorus Line.

My Broadway Debut: 

I kept saying to myself, "This is happening. I'm on Broadway. I'm doing it!" 

It's very surreal standing on a Broadway stage for the first time. I was excited, slightly terrified, but most of all and most importantly, I was so happy. You only get a Broadway debut once, so I tried to take it all in as much as I could. And I kept telling myself to just breathe...

And then it was over!  As soon as the curtain went down, the cast cheered and then tears of joy came down my face. The Miss Saigon company has been so incredibly supportive and helpful...I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Seeing my parents, family, and closest friends after was icing on the cake.  

Hey Jonelle, if you cut out for it and I’m sure you are, you’re there for the long haul. Rita Moreno and Lina Horne are great inspiring stars to shoot for - both had thespian careers that span over 70 years. We are always proud of your accomplishments.

By Abe Margallo on 2017 11 05

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