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GP at Pink Beach in Bermuda
by Tim Sullivan, Executive Chef of Venues

The opportunity to join the team at The Loren came to GP through our network of extended colleagues.  A friend in the industry approached me to see if I was interested, or if I could assist with pointing in them in the right direction. GP being what it is, I jumped in to learn more. I thought this could be a great opportunity for GP and myself to not only consult, but to showcase what we do so well in opening and operating accounts, and creating quality farm-to-table organic and sustainable menus and relationships.

First, we needed to do some exploring and visit the site, which in November was still under construction.  From there we needed to learn everything about the island - its food scene, and where to source quality products.  Oh yes, and did I mention we need to understand the labor markets well, and the dozens of different rules and regulations tied to running a kitchen on the beach and employing staff? Yes, a lot to learn, but as we did we became more excited and confident that we could be successful. 

Now, as an extension of GP, I am there developing the service and fare for the hotel's three dining experiences, The Maree, The Pink Beach Club, and en-suite room service. 


The Culinary Mission at The Loren at Pink Beach  

“Among its many other attributes, the Loren Hotel is a destination for ambrosial dishes that tell a story; our story, one that is fueled by passion and imbued with a desire to promote local agriculture and a sustainable food system. To the greatest extent possible, we source our ingredients from local farms and on-island partners that we know and trust. Our love for the changing seasons inspires us to craft menus that transform along with the weather. As a portion of these ingredients is sourced from the New England area of the United States, our menus reflect both the seasonality of their local produce as well as our own here on Island. By practicing this local, sustainable mind-set, we support our communities and create meaningful, lasting relationships, manifested in the food that we serve.”

Local Relationships

Daniel's Farm

Daniel has 10 plots of produce crops. A very small yet organic and quality operation. On Thursday’s we have a scheduled call to review his current produce, and based on what is thriving, we decide what we want to serve at The Loren.


Fisherman - David Barnes, Trickshot, BDA Fishing Company, Steve Cabral

Our fishermen are only known locally by word-of-mouth. We did a deep-dive in the vetting process, where I went out on their boats with them to get a feel for their business, and once the fish was caught, how much care, cleanliness and love was put into preserving them for the restaurant. We were impressed. We also needed to understand local fishing law. For example, only one Rockfish can be caught per day. Now, like Daniel, our fishermen will call us from the water and ask us what they should be hooking for The Loren’s menu, and what they suggest.

Funny Story - My first trip with the client was scheduled the Monday after Thanksgiving.  We were taking the three-day trip so I could explore the island and evaluate the opportunity of whether this would be a good fit. When I arrived at the airport and checked in for my flight I was informed my ten years old passport had just expired.  You can imagine the embarrassment that I felt.  I ran back into NYC and got an immediate rush passport the next day and was in Bermuda on Wednesday afternoon.  It’s funny that I can get to Bermuda quicker then from Long Island not the city during rush hour! 

Editor's Note: Our original emailer had the subtitle, "How our food mission brought us to the Bahamas" which, regrettably, is not the same island chain as Bermuda, where The Loren at Pink Beach lives. Nope! Please note, our food mission actually brought us to Bermuda. 

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