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by Chef Mark Russell

Goat Cheese Bonbon with Dry Spring Flowers, Honey and Smoked Sea Salt

This is an hors d’oeuvre from Great Performances’ “Traditions” line. To manage waste in our kitchens, it is our practice to salvage herbs and blossoms by dehydrating. This method of salvage preserves the spicy pepper and floral qualities of marigolds, nasturtium and cone flowers, among others.


12 ounces Goat Cheese, rolled into 1 ounce balls

3 cups dry flower mix

1 ounce honey

½ ounce smoked Malden’s sea salt

Dry flower mix

2 cup assorted flowers, dehydrated

1 cup crispy quinoa

1 cup ground pink pepper corn


Pick petals from flowers and place on a wire rack into your convection oven.  Heat the flowers at 100 degrees F for 4-6 hours, depending on the flower.  Combine all dry ingredients and place in a shallow dish.

To assemble, roll each ball of goat cheese in flower mix to coat. Place a drop of honey on each and top honey with a flake of smoked salt.

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