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Gatheredtable Challenge

Our friends at Gatheredtable are starting the New Year with a food challenge. It’s a goal to eat homemade food for two weeks, called the Homemade14. Now that’s a challenge we can get behind! If you have the luxury of time to make meals at home, please join us for this challenge! Not only will it make eating healthily easier, but you’ll also reduce your weekly food costs and get to spend a few extra minutes with loved ones at home while doing so! To sign up for the challenge, visit the Homemade 14 sign up page. Eager to start the challenge now, try their Broccolini with Beans and Sausage recipe.

 In case you haven’t heard of Gatheredtable, see below for a bit more info on the company!

About Us

Gatheredtable is a meal planning service focused on helping you make homemade meals, more easily. We do that by removing one of the barriers to cooking - the planning! We give each customer a custom weekly menu that is based on your specific diet and needs, and even better - the menu is completely editable! Each menu includes a smart grocery list that automatically updates based on your menu and what you already have in your pantry. There is optional grocery delivery based on your location.

Each custom menu includes seasonal, from-scratch recipes that Gatheredtable has curated and personally tested to ensure they are easy-to-follow and delicious. You can also add your own recipes to your personal recipe library, and they will be automatically added to your future menus mixed in with our suggestions.

You can check out Gatheretable on the website and the app (for IOS and Android).  

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