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Fun & Family
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

When I look back a few weeks ago to Jessica and Brian's wedding, the first thing that pops into my mind is "FUN"! Everything about this whole affair was simply fun! Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

When I spoke to Jessica's mother, Susan, for the first time, she was nervous that her daughter wouldn't want to get married at The Plaza because, in her mind, she wanted something less traditional and more "fun" in Brooklyn. However, we convinced Jessica to come and check out The Plaza anyway. She soon realized that The Plaza had everything she wanted to make a perfect party to celebrate her nuptials to Brian. She and I hit it off right away and soon Brian came by and he saw the look on Jessica's face when she stepped into The Grand Ballroom. He was sold!

Susan couldn’t have been more thrilled! Jessica's sister had recently gotten married so they had the wedding planning process fresh in their minds. There was no stress when planning this party - they enjoyed every minute! Valerie from Starlight Orchestras was the first phone call to secure the date. She has known Jessica's family for years so that was an easy choice. One of Brian's close friends happens to be Barry from Atlas Florists and was a quick second call. Luckily for me, both Valerie and Barry are part of The Plaza family so everyone felt super confident about their decisions right off the bat!  Plus, Jessica had been planning events in her work life for years, so she was really a stress-free bride!

One of her bridesmaids even owned a bridesmaids dress boutique, so she was set with her dress too. She got to focus on the fun part of the planning, which was making this party a party that embodied her and Brian's true style.

Soon we had a tasting that rivaled a Thanksgiving dinner! I had more fun laughing with both families than I had in a while and everyone loved all the food, so decisions were made quickly and without any hesitation.

A yellow fin tuna carpaccio duo with burrata and speck was selected as a first course, with a choice of red snapper or a classic Plaza filet mignon for entrees and alternating desserts of a 5 texture chocolate cake and a trio of sorbets. As we tried each course, there were toasts all around for our bride and groom! It was so special to be a part of this incredible family memory.

Soon the wedding weekend arrived! The city was buzzing with the UNGA in session and The Pope visiting but at The Plaza it was all about Jessica and Brian. We had our final timeline meeting, and Jessica's biggest worry was if I could join her at their after party.

The wedding morning arrived and everyone was in great spirits. Jessica and Brian had their first look and both sides of the family where there to cheer them on! Mike Falco of Christian Oth Studios took the bridal party for a lovely stroll to Central Park for their photoshoot before gathering the whole family in the Oak Room for some very Vanity Fair style portraits.

Soon it was time to line everyone up to begin the ceremony, and Jessica and Brian had their traditional walks down the aisle and met under a glorious tall flowering chuppah that Barry really outdid himself on.  It perfectly matched the white rose flower crown that adorned Jessica's perfectly curled red hair. 

Guests were then greeted by champagne and sushi galore in the cocktail hour! After a bit of mingling and snacking, guests entered the Grand Ballroom that had been transformed into a beautiful scene that looked like an English Secret Garden! Very whimsical center pieces adorned with lilac, ivory and blush pink flowers shared the room with antique candelabras. It was an elegant and chic fairytale setting. 

Valerie's high energy band kicked off with a dance set right away and a hora that left guests wanting more! This dance party continued the rest of the night. Soon the bride who was nervous about the hora was spotted being picked up and tossed in the air by Brian and the adoring groomsmen! They were enjoying every second of their celebration.

Toasts were made, their custom Ron-Ben Israel cake was cut and Jessica and Brian were beaming! As the final song was played, the crowd hadn't slowed down one bit. They were just gearing up for their after party at the NYC hotspot Lavo. I have never seen a ballroom clear so fast! Even both sets of parents wanted the celebration to continue.

As much as I wanted to participate in the fun, my tired feet wouldn't allow it. Nevertheless, I knew they were having the time of their lives!  I woke up in the morning to a message from Jessica stating, "Thank You for the best night of my life. I miss you and my wedding already!" 

Jessica, The Plaza Team misses you, Brian, your families and all of your fun!

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