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From Beach to Plaza Chic!
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

This Zika virus is no joke when it comes to Weddings and Honeymoons these days and when I received a call from a nervous mother of a groom asking if we could find a Saturday night in the Spring I was so happy to be able to help.  Her son and soon to be daughter-in-law had booked their wedding in Miami and the planning was nearly done but because of Zika they decided to re-route everyone back to their home, New York City!  We had such a lovely conversation! I explained to her that this had happened to be once before and we worked everything out.

She put me in touch with the bride and we hit it off over the phone and before I knew it we had a meeting in-person. We knew we had to get the groom on board! Irissa the lovely bride, brought her fiancée Max over one afternoon and that was it.  Decision made! We went from Beach to Plaza chic!  Now what to do with the vendors that had already been decided on…..

Thankfully Lisi Korn and her incredible team of Forever Events were able to make things work and still plan Max & Irissa’s wedding even though they are based in Miami!  It actually helped Max and Irissa stay organized with their busy schedules because they were able to really put aside specific time when the Forever Events Team was in town!

For décor Max knew the final decision was going to be Irissa’s. This was the most important part of the wedding to her and she wanted to keep a simplistic chic style in mind when rethinking her original plan of a sunny Miami Beach villa wedding.  A Beaux-Arts style chateau isn’t a bad alternative however! Over the next few months we had a few more meetings, had a blast at the tasting, and continued to make decisions together as the date was quickly approaching.  

The wedding weekend came quickly and we watched as the guests headed to their rehearsal dinner at The Bowery Hotel to give a downtown vibe to the weekend! Everything went smoothly and so by Saturday morning everyone was in great spirits. Max and Irissa met for the first time that day on the Grand Staircase and they both looked incredible!  As their bridal party got together to meet them to take photographs outside, my whole team was in awe over how gorgeous everyone was!  Irissa and Max being the modern couple that they are dressed the bridesmaids in stunning all white gowns. Yes I said white! Irissa wasn’t nervous that it would take away from her gown but rather that they would enhance it!  And the groomsmen wore classic black tuxedos with super stylish velvet slippers.

Soon the guests arrived and walked into the Terrace Foyer. It was covered by a mesmerizing sea of floating candles giving it such a warm and romantic feeling.  It was time for the ceremony and the chuppah was just the way Irissa had envisioned it from the start! Full of lush branches!  As the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri played, Irissa walked down the aisle to greet her Groom.

The gorgeous Bride and Groom sealed their marriage with their first kiss as husband and wife then immediately The Lumineers song “Hey Ho” kicked off the recessional and set the tone for the rest of the night.  This was a young, fun crowd who was ready to dance and party!  The guests moved upstairs to the Grand Ballroom Foyer where Old Fashioneds and Cosmopolitans were passed at arrival.  Nothing says NYC Power Couple more than those two cocktails!  And everyone loved the sushi station, raw bar and fun slider bar! 

As we opened the Grand Ballroom doors the band set the tone with my personal favorite first song of “Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake and Jay Z!  Meredith’s team from Belle Fleur created the most perfect simple Plaza Chic design.  Irissa’s dream was to have all long tables and she got it – with linens with just enough silver and gold shimmer to them, adorned with glass candelabras and beautiful green magnolia leaves and simple white hydrangeas for centerpieces.  Then the white hydrangeas spilled over the length of the tables in the most dramatic fashion!  It was like a waterfall of flowers!

The dancefloor was set in front of the stage and was packed the entire night!!! At one point Irissa even decided to crowd surf which is a very rare occurrence and clearly the sign of an extraordinary party!  Irissa and Max definitely know how to have a good time and I’m sure that’s why this crowd was so fun and full of energy!

Naturally there was an after party lined up with DJ Shi Shi, who really knew how to get the party started.  Who needs Miami Beach!?!

The crowd went wild for the French fries, mini ice cream cones and churros with chocolate sauce that were passed around. Soon enough it was time to turn on the lights!  Max and Irissa, exhausted from all the dancing, fell into that waterfall of hydrangeas at the end of the night and you could just tell that this was a moment that they will remember forever! A picture says a thousand words and the photo of the two of them amongst all of those flowers tells the story of how amazing their wedding was!  I could not be happier that I go to be a part of it and that it was at The Plaza!

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