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Festive in The Fall
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

True New Yorkers can all agree that Fall is the best time to spend time in this amazing city. They can also agree that it is the perfect time to get married! When I got a call from a friend of mine explaining that she has a friend looking to get married in the fall of 2017 I was lucky to find a date. Turns out my friend worked for the soon to be groom, Seth and of course we had many mutual friends as we are both in this great business of hospitality. Seth is both a chef and restaurant owner. He also owns many event spaces in New York City. He came in to meet with me alongside his stunning and bubbly fiancée Lindsay. She works in PR but had spent a lot of time on projects in hospitality which was actually how she met Seth. They came in with another mutual friend of ours, Arthur Backal of State of The Art, who they had brought in to plan their upcoming nuptials. I adore Arthur and his expertise in this industry is truly legendary so I was very excited to work on this Wedding. Lindsay and Seth are a true New York City couple, hardworking, super social, both grew up here, and love having fun in this city we all call home!

For Seth, the food was the most important part of the wedding for obvious reasons. We all worked together to come up with a nice wedding menu with some customized elements. The crisp fall days were just flying by, and the the big day came quickly. The wedding day was perfectly sunny but maintained that perfect fall temperature! Guests arrived for the ceremony and loved the gorgeous white chuppah. Orchids were flowing! Seth and Lindsay weren’t even remotely nervous. They were beaming from ear to ear and sealed their marriage with a kiss to shouts of joy! As everyone made their way to cocktail hour they walked up the grand staircase that was overflowing with candles and flowers. It was truly something out of a fairy tale. They soon were pleased to indulge in a fantastic feast. Bountiful sushi, seafood and carving stations filled the cocktail hour compete with some extra additions like sushi, pizza, king crab legs and Korean tacos all favorites of our groom Chef Seth.

Soon we announced Mr. and Mrs. Seth Levine to over 300 adoring guests. Guests took their seats and loved their gorgeous caviar amuse bouche that was served in custom gold tins to match the gold and ivory décor. We moved on to a perfect fall appetizer of butternut squash and burrata but with a twist - we took an idea out of Seth’s book and added a Kumamoto tomato and balsamic glaze. I tried it and it was divine!  Guests got up to dance for a high energy dance set before being seated for entrees and some pretty funny toasts. As everyone got up to dance again Arthur and his right hand Dawn passed out some fun party favors on the dance floor including white maracas that were the hit of the dance party.  The spectacular cake was cut and then Lindsay changed into her after party dress which was short with a skirt that was definitely meant for twirling. She and Seth got on stage with the band and the crowd went nuts!

Just when everyone thought it was over it was actually just getting started. They announced the after party in the Oak Room so immediately Seth and Lindsay started the processional out to The Oak Room with drummers and of course the maracas. As guest entered The Oak Room they were in awe of the super sexy vibe that Bentley Meeker’s team did with the red vibrant lighting. People were totally surprised when the Gypsy Kings performed a set!  Then all of a sudden super star DJ Mel Debarge did what he does best and kept the dance floor hot until 3 am. We passed McDonald’s burgers and fries on the dance floor and of course that was a hit.

As the night finally wrapped up Lindsay came and hugged me and said “Emily,  BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! Same time same place next week?!!!” I had the biggest smile on my face and said “Of Course!” I would do a party like this over and over again! It just might be hard to find a fall date! Maybe next year....

All Images: Ira Lippke Photography 

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