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Favorite Food Websites
Company News
by GP Family

This month we spoke to members of the GP family to find out what their favorite food websites are, also known as their favorite ways to procrastinate at work. 

Andrew Luzmore, Katchkie Farm Intern:

Photo courtesy of Modern Farmer. 

I often turn to Munchies for news regarding food trends and articles about restaurant life, whereas Modern Farmer is more focused on longer form pieces about farming practices/innovations.

Amelia Rosen, Marketing Coordinator: 

I love The New Potato! It publishes food news from a diverse array of voices, including chefs, restauranteurs, actors, and, even, DJs. 

Lauren Tregor, Event Director: 

Boozy Burbs keeps me up-to-date on new restaurants, nightlife, food festivals and hot happenings in North Jersey.

Shaynee Scott, Design Operations Manger: 

Photo courtesy of I Am A Food Blog.

Oh She Glows is great for raw diet inspiration. For innovative budget eats, I like Budget Bytes. Lastly, I think I Am A Food Blog, by far, has the most beautiful pictures and great recipes. 

Anna Kosa, Executive Pastry Chef 

I get motivated by people/chefs who care about the health of others and food education.Teaching people,changing school food choices, etc. This is why I like Jamie Oliver! He also cares about fresh, local ingredients. I get inspired from my everyday experiences; it can be a color, flavor, shape, or ingredient...

Gary Bedigan, Brooklyn Venue Operations Manager 

Photo courtesy of Bit By a Fox. 

For cocktails, Bit By a Fox is incredible! I also love to visit restaurant websites in different parts of the world (mainly Italy and Spain) and watch seasonal trends. And while this is not directly food-related, I am planning a major kitchen renovation and I have found myself drunk on the best way to design a kitchen, as well as new appliance shopping (not really drunk, just want to be clear on that)! 

Whitney Reuling, Sylvia Center Program Manager

I enjoy reading Lucky Peach because it's weird, humorous, out of the box, and full of tidbits for true food nerds. Yet, it doesn't take itself too seriously. 

Constance Sepulveda, Visual Merchandiser 

I follow a few Instagram accounts: @dishpigs, @thepopsyroom, and @bychefchloe. I like these mainly for inspiration. They are avant-garde and they think outside of the box. 

Kaitlin Walsh, Design Manager

Photo courtesy of The Kitchn.

I like The Kitchn because it not only writes about creative recipes, but they also include helpful tips on the basics of food preparation, editorials on food trends, and showcase useful kitchen appliances and tools.  They cover all the fundamentals to be an inspired, informed, healthy and savvy home cook. 

Diane Russo, Event Director: 

As a resident of Fairfield County and a lover of dining out, I turn to CTbites for current info on the food scene in Connecticut. From the honest restaurant reviews to the recipes and local food news, it is my go-to sight for all things foodie in CT.

Carmen Surana, Kitchen Admin:

NPR The Salt is one of my favorite food websites because it covers food news from the quirky to anthropological to the political!

Suzannah Schneider, Sustainability Connector:

Photo courtesy of Gravy. 

Gravy is a fantastic print journal (and podcast!) about the ever-changing world of Southern food and drink. I love it because it offers unique stories grounded in academia and balanced by plenty of levity.

Anthony Fassio, Executive Vice President: 

I get most of my food info from Twitter and Instagram. My two absolute favorite accounts are @chefscollab and @uglyfruitandveg. I like @chefscollab because they are rallying the purchasing power of chefs and industry leaders around more sustainable procurement decisions. This effort is starting to shift the American food system from a conventional mindset to that of more thoughtfulness.

@uglyfruitandveg – A big portion of food waste in this country is due to consumers' expectations around what fruit and vegetables should look like. If we shifted our cosmetic demands of food, we could save a lot of viable ingredients and nutrients that end up wasted. @uglyfruitandveg helps us see the beauty in all.

Danica Andler, Design Director: 

Photo courtesy of Local Milk. 

Local Milk is a personal favorite because the author has as much imagination in her photography and styling as she does in her food.  I just adore the element of fantasy and storytelling in her images.

Melissa Gonzalez, Human Resources Assistant

Living in a city like New York with tons of amazing restaurants, I would rather enjoy exploring new places! But when I am feeling in the mood or cooking for celebrations, my favorite food blogs/sites I go to for inspiration are Small Chicks Big Eats, Recipe Girl, and Serious Eats.  I made a delicious Paella from Serious Eats a few months back-it was a long process but well worth it! I actually like to keep it old school and get most of my inspirations from the Food Network channel. I am addicted to cooking shows! I love Chopped, the creativity that can come from those chefs in such short time is incredible!

Katherine Mok, Marketing Director: 

Photo courtesy of Woks of Life. 

Woks of Life is great because I feel like there aren't many Chinese food blogs, and this website has tons of recipes for favorite Chinese dishes my family would make growing up! Edible has incredible stories and offers an interesting, easy way to keep up with local food events. Lastly, Civil Eats is my go-to website for food policy news.

Jennifer McMahon, Director of Business Operations

Food+Tech Connect keeps me informed about new technology and innovation from all areas of the food industry. A place to learn best practices, new ways to communicate, and ideas to improve our operations. 

Bobby Miranda, Venue Director:

As a lover of food from countries around the world and sustainable eating, The Perennial Plate  is my go-to site because it is dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating. I live vicariously through the writers as they travel around the world and tell stories of real food and the people who make it.

Mark Russell, Chef de Cuisine 

I don't follow any food blogs. I do, however, Google Image search food a lot.  I am a visual sorta guy. For inspiration, I look at design blogs, such as Dwell. It covers current materials in design, which is a great help with buffet and party set up.

Lea Sachs, Receptionist

Photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.

I love reading Deb Perelman's recipes and stories behind the recipes on Smitten Kitchen! Her personality and the love she puts into the food shows through the pictures and words; you can’t help but smile when you read her blog.

Forrest Hedden, Training Manager

I love Noble Pig because Cathy Pollack, the blog's creator, is a home gourmet in the sense that her food reflects good simple American fare with her own spin on it, and she's putting recipes out there that homemakers will actually cook, not just look at online. Her comments include family as well as food - connecting the dots between the kitchen and the dinner table. 

Victoria Traegler, Mae Mae Café Manager

I often check in with Edgemere Farm. It’s a small urban farm in Rockaway that fits in so well with the community, practicing farm-to-table and educating kids about where their food comes from. It was a welcome addition atfer Superstorm Sandy, and is helping to revitalize the community. Great little spot!

Liz Neumark, CEO: 

What food sites do I regularly visit? It's a virtual smorgasbord of perspectives, topics and info options.  And although fewer would be optimal, more is meatier. Here’s a slice of my digital intake:

 Gathered Table – an incredible online recipe website/shopping aid.  Love the way it puts together menus.The wave of the future.

 Foodstand– self described as a "good food community that lives in your pocket,” it's food from individuals around the globe. 

Mealsharing – home cooked meals in someone’s home; eat with people here or around the world! 

Leagueofkitchens - “an immersive culinary adventure in NYC where immigrants teach intimate cooking workshops in their homes.” 

Norwich Meadows Farm – it's like checking on stock market prices, and Restaurant Business – mass market trend watching. 

Rob Valencia, Pastry Chef

Photo courtesy of @jenyeepastry. 

I love Chef Jennifer Yee's Instagram. She is the Pastry Chef at Lafayette and gives me great inspiration for beautiful and unique sweets. 

Nice list!!  I’m excited to check out the sites you listed. It’s always helpful to find food and restaurant sites for inspiration.

By hawelicanada on 2016 12 19

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