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Expectations Vs. Reality: Wedding Edition
by Wedding Director, Carly Katz-Hackman

About once a week, starting in March and running through September, I’m lucky enough to sit with brides and/or grooms for menu-selection tastings. I typically treat this two hour lunch or dinner more like a group date than a meeting, as it can be such a fun opportunity to get to know each other outside of just which type of wines they’d like and whether they’re getting ready at the venue or the hotel. We feast like you’ve never feasted before, but we also get into some real talk about what they can expect on the day of the actual wedding. Consider your bubble burst…

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Expectation – On your wedding day, you’ll get to eat along with your guests.

Reality – First, you’re going to be so busy talking and laughing and schmoozing, that you won’t have a free minute to chew! Second, you’ll have so much adrenaline rushing through your body that even the idea of eating will make you queasy. At our wedding, David worked on a single triangle of grilled cheese for about two hours, and I could barely stomach a slice of challah.

Expectation – You’re going to drink the perfect amount to maintain a nice buzz, but not get ‘too drunk.’

Reality – You’re (probably) either going to stay stone-cold sober or get absolutely hammered. I say probably because this reality isn’t necessarily a given – everyone processes alcohol differently – BUT, I literally can’t think of a single client (or friend) that got just the right amount of drunk on their big day. They were either like me, who had like twelve whiskey & diet cokes, but didn’t feel even a little bit tipsy, or like a family friend’s now-wife who passed out on her hotel bed before the cake was cut.

Expectation – You’re going to remember this day for the rest of your life!

Reality – You’re more likely to remember the photos. I cannot stress enough how quickly this night is going to go by! It’s so important to have a photographer (and videographer if that’s in the budget!) that you trust to capture the moments, since you’ll be so steeped in a love-drunk haze that you’ll wake up in the morning and wonder if it really happened.

Expectation – Your guests are going to be judging every dessert spoon, wine glass, and chair cushion, so you better not make the wrong decision.

Reality – When was the last time you were at an awesome wedding and thought to yourself, “You know, this event would really be perfect if only this plate had a gold rim…” The answer is NEVER. I visit the Party Rental showroom with clients pretty much every week leading into wedding season, and there is so much perseverating on how much the fork weighs, that the overall vision can sometimes get lost. As long as you don’t go for a puke-green linen or mud-brown napkin, your wedding is going to be as beautiful as your love for your partner. That is what your guests will remember.

Expectation – You’re going to have more fun than you ever could have imagined.

Reality – This one is pretty much true…

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