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Energy & Elegance
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

Very often, my brides tell me that they want a very elegant wedding but they also want it to be fun!  The Plaza lives on as having the most elegant reputation, but I always remind my clients that with elegance, there is plenty of fun to be had!  Debbie and Joey were the perfect couple to embody just this! Both young at hear and with two of the most positive attitudes of any couple I have ever met - I knew that we were going to get along smashingly well!  As we sealed the deal alongside Debbie's family, we had a toast that night in the Bride & Groom's honor.  Let the planning begin!  Debbie was what every bride should be, just ecstatic to marry Joey and she wanted the two of them to really enjoy every moment! It's amazing how something like an iPhone with text messages and the ability to send photos can truly build a relationship with another human being and yet be so efficient and productive.  That's how Debbie and I got really close - there was rarely a day that we didn't exchange some kind of dialogue regarding an idea she had and she trusted my opinion to make sure that all of her great and fun ideas still made sense with the elegant, lovely wedding she and her mother Jody both desired.  Jody is what every NYC woman and mother should aspire to be, sweet & kind, decisive and always a perfect lady! Debbie's father Steve loved his family dearly and definitely knew how to keep the peace with Jody's elegant aesthetic and Debbie's desire to make sure the wedding was young and fun just like her and Joey! It was truly the perfect blend to make a spectacular wedding!

Valerie from Starlight Orchestras was a perfect choice for the elegance of a big band yet full of young energy, Mike from Fred Marcus who has a fresh eye with traditional training was perfect for photography and Atlas Florist is a classic in the wedding world but knows how to take florals to a very chic level; the vendors were now set!

Over the next few months Debbie and Joey and often Jody and Steve would come to check out the weddings that were happening each weekend! I was always so thrilled to see them and each time the excitement would build and the ideas would flow! Before we knew it the week of the wedding arrived and Debbie arrived to the hotel in all smiles with her fabulous gift bags that Joeys parents had helped make with all of Debbie's lovely ideas! The bags even includes a sign for all the guests hotel rooms that said, "Do Not Disturb, we parties all Night at Debbie and Joeys Wedding!" And that they did!

After a rockstar rehearsal dinner at Tao Downtown, which was such a great parallel to the wedding at The Plaza, the guests may have needed a Do Not Disturb sign stating how much fun they had even the night prior to the wedding! After the success of Friday, night we knew everyone was in for a great time on Saturday!

The night kicked off with a perfect traditional  intimate ceremony at the Park Avenue Synagogue where Debbie's family were members! There was something that felt very regal yet simple and just overall very special being that it's such a family oriented place for Debbie and Joey to be married!  As Mazel Tov was heard, the guests made their way to The Plaza to start the celebration off right for the new Mr. & Mrs. Abramson! Guests were greeted with an ode to Debbie's father; the Unencumbered cocktail which was the reason Steve enjoyed coming to all of the wedding planning meetings in the Palm Court! And of course along with a grand Fiesta station, Carving Station and the ever popular Sushi station!  Then Valerie opened the ballroom and the guests hit the dance floor right away! Mr. and Mrs. Abramson were welcomed in and went into their first dance which was a hit and included a beautiful lift! Valerie got everyone in the mood to dance with a great hora that no one wanted to end!

Everyone was in awe of the gorgeous white orchids that filled the room in the most modern, yet simple and elegant way! It was just what Debbie and her mom has worked very hard to create with Atlas! Soon the guests had to take their seats and Steve gave one of the best Father of the Bride toasts I have ever heard and Jody read a poem that her mother wrote in the most eloquent way.   Guests loved their duo appetizer of truffle risotto and an autumn salad but that didn't stop them from getting right back up on that dance floor! Before long our Bride and Groom were jamming on the stage with Valerie! Soon it was time to cut the incredible Sylvia Weinstock cake that has Debbie written all over! It was covered in oversized flowers which was very different in style from what we usually see in our ballroom! Joey gave a spectacular toast to his bride and everyone around them was commenting on how they were so much in love!!

More energy was ahead for the rest of the night but this party was just getting started!  We brought all the guests down to the Oak Room for the after party! They were greeted by champagne and Yuengling beer for Joey's crew from Pennsylvania! The DJ kept the party alive and the mini cheeseburgers and french fries kept everyone fueled!  As I hugged Debbie and Joey good night they couldn't stop thanking our whole team! Everyone was over the moon and Debbie, Joey, their families and friends has the most fun they have ever had a wedding! We are counting down the days until Debbie's sister gets engaged.... With the crew we know there will be a lot more elegance and energy to be had!

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