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CPS Events at The Plaza
by Rob Arango

Six decades after becoming one of The Plaza’s most famous guests, Eloise remains one of the world’s most beloved characters in children’s literature and we were thrilled to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her 6th birthday on Wednesday, November 4th!

To celebrate the rawther mahvelous milestone and keep Eloise’s precocious spirit alive, Simon and Schuster released a new addition to the Eloise Tales, “The 365 days of Eloise”, illustrated by Hilary Knight.

The Plaza’s General Manager, George Cozonis, attended a local elementary school in Brooklyn, PS503, that love, love, love Eloise.  Mr. Cozonis read the newest release of “The 365 Days of Eloise” to sixty second grade students who not only learn about her in their yearly curriculum, but take a field trip to The Plaza each and every spring. 

Simon and Schuster gifted a young-reader Eloise book to each student, as well as donated the full six book collection to PS503’s library! How amazing that all the students were able to receive gifts for Eloise's birthday!

The students participation in this wonderful initiative was outstanding. They decorated their class room, wore all pink, and wrote & read their own version of a new Eloise book to Mr. Cozonis.

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