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Eloise For A Day
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

It is every girl’s dream at some point in their life to live like Eloise! Even if it's just for one day. For this lucky lady her dream came true!  If I could host bat mitzvahs at The Plaza every weekend I absolutely would! Watching a little lady's face this past weekend and she stepped into the magical Grand Ballroom to check out her party is something I will never forget! It was just pure joy! That look made the countless hours of planning worth it!

Larry Scott's team created the perfectly fun, chic and mod bat mitzvah that knocked the socks off of everyone involved! Guests arrived to an incredible cocktail hour where the adults dined on sushi and lobster tails and the juniors were happy to have sliders and pizza bites amongst games and fun fruity drinks! Then the Grand Ballroom opened to extraordinary design! Complete with all white carpeting, a mod black and white bar, pink accents everywhere and a DJ booth with the bat mitzvah girl’s eyes staring right into the heart of each guest!

Jared Levine the incredible MC of More Than Music kept the guests rocking all night long! I love how families come together on the dance floor! "It's a Larry party" has been a line used for many years with guests of Larry's events! If you are attending a Larry party you know it's going to be nothing short of incredible! He kicks it up a notch with invasions of dancers and fun! At one point in the night there where dancers in incredible wigs and t-shirts with the same eye-logo as the custom DJ booth that swarmed the dance floor passing out fun wigs and glasses to each guest! 

Next up was a dessert invasion where large dessert towers were wheeled into the Ballroom so guests could have as much dessert as their hearts desired! The kids went nuts for cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, all sorts of cookies and chocolates galore! It was like Eloise invited Willy Wonka over for the night! Simply incredible! Larry's team had designed this huge screen behind the DJ booth that showed cool mod images all night long. It also had a heart shaped logo with the same eyes that kept popping up all over the event. It was the heart of the room our little host of the party loved every second of her special day. Her parents toasted her and congratulated her as she had been successful with her Torah reading earlier in the night!

As the night came to an end and everyone started to say their goodbyes, there were party favors and even more dessert everywhere. It was truly a sign of an amazing party! Each guest took advantage of every detail that Larry's team had planned to perfection!  We all can't wait for the next one! Eloise would have been proud to see this one come to life!

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