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Eating Local
Company News
by Beth Kaiserman

We love to grow our veggies at Katchkie Farm but it isn’t enough for our catering needs. We buy produce from amazing local partners for our guests to enjoy fresh, seasonal, local ingredients year-round. This Earth Day, we salute two organizations helping our local food system thrive and truly helping us create the tastiest dishes!

Gotham Greens

Gotham Greens is a global pioneer in urban agriculture - and one of our favorite producers of fresh, local greens. Their beautiful, bright greens and herbs give our plates a pop of Spring all year long!

At the Gotham Greens greenhouse in Gowanus, built in 2013 on top of Whole Foods, over 20,000 square feet are used year-round to grow hydroponic greens and herbs. The amount grown in this greenhouse alone would require 10 acres of farmland.

With other greenhouses in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Hollis, Queens, and Pullman, Chicago (and another brand new Chicago greenhouse on the way) - the majority of their produce is sold within 40-50 miles of where it’s grown. The model is completely sustainable, using 100% recycled irrigation water and non-GMO seeds. At Gotham Greens Gowanus on the roof of Whole Foods Market, the store collects rainwater to use for onsite irrigation, and drain water from the building is treated and reused for toilet flushing.

The company’s location in Pullman, Chicago is their largest and most technologically advanced greenhouse yet. The 75,000-square-foot greenhouse is the world’s largest rooftop farm and will grow up to 10 million heads of leafy greens and herbs yearly!

Gotham Greens is actively developing similar projects in other cities as well - a very exciting development in bringing fresh, local, healthy produce to communities across the U.S.

Even better, Gotham Greens partners with local food rescue organizations and donates thousands of seedlings yearly to wellness and environmental education programs in NYC and Chicago.

We are proud to support their endeavors, spreading the green gospel across the U.S.! You can find these gorgeous greens and herbs on the shelves at Whole Foods MarketFreshDirectFairway and ShopRite.

More info:

Social: @gothamgreens

Greenmarket Co./GrowNYC

There’s really nothing like that first step into a New York City Greenmarket: so many fresh possibilities, so little time.

The team at GrowNYC is ready for spring onions, asparagus and ramps, as well as spring garlic and sweet overwintered greens to kick off the Spring.

With Greenmarket Co., part of GrowNYC’s regional food hub, we’re lucky enough to get farm fresh goods year-round to serve our guests. Greenmarket Co. creates business opportunities for local farmers in the wholesale marketplace and aims to increase access to fresh, healthy foods in underserved NYC communities.

“We also strive to create market opportunities particularly for mid-sized farms in our region – farms that are disappearing at a faster rate than other farm type in our region,”  said Lela Chapman, Sales & Relationship Manager for Greenmarket Co.

Soon the operation will work with more farms in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts and Vermont and provide more New York specialty products, Lela added.

“Think baby purple Brussels sprouts, red watercress, and white beets,” she said.

We are ready! And we’re always happy to support such a wonderful organization that cares so deeply about the future of food.

Look for GrowNYC on Earth Day, April 22!

“We’ll be working in schools, helping New Yorkers increase their recycling, building community gardens and operating Greenmarket farmers’ markets.

This year in particular, our spring plant sale will occur on Earth Day. We provide wholesale quantities and prices of annuals, perennials, and edibles, to more than 500 community groups who pick up enough plants to cover the Brooklyn Bridge.”

More info:

Social: @GrowNYC

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