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Do You Believe in Coincidences?
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Vincent Palumbo

I don’t.  April 26th was marked as an “out of ordinary day” for me. Let me preface this by repeating a quote that has been utilized more times than I can remember, “nothing unimportant ever happens at The Plaza”. Year after year, I believe that our Grand Ballroom has bared witness to some of New York’s most iconic events. Events that range from Non Profit Gala’s to Premiere Weddings and many other event types that span across corporate and entertainment industries alike.

As I must admit, the 26th was marked on my calendar for months. It was then that a colleague of mine, Vianney, approached me to see if we would book a gala that her son’s school was hosting.  With enthusiasm that only a mother could have she began to tell me about Manhattan Children’s Center.  The school specializes in working with children within the autism spectrum. Immediately I was interested to learn more.  My 12 year old son, Domenico, is autistic and currently at the Center for Discovery. Vianney talked about MCC, the good they bring and difference it has made in her and her son’s life.  Needless to say booking the gala was a requirement for The Plaza.

The date could not come soon enough.  A few hours prior to the start time, my wife forwarded me an email that she received regarding Domenico’s performance. Upon reading it, I approached Eric Hoffman, Director of Banquets, requesting to speak a few words to the team prior to the event’s start.  My emotions were heightened, as one can imagine.  The purpose of my speaking was to express to them the importance this gala and honestly all galas at The Plaza that impact others.  However, this time in particular, it hit home.  The email was from Domenico’s speech therapist stating that she has noticed his vocalizations have begun to sound more like verbal approximations. He has started to say 3 or 4 words.  As minor as it might seem, for us it was a major breakthrough.

My message was well received.  Schools like MCC work with kids like my son giving hope and joy to parents and families like mine.  Supporting a gala such as MCC will only help the cause in raising funds to keeping those same hopes and dreams thriving.  We as the catering team get to play a small but vital role by ensuring their guests are satisfied.  As a father of an autistic child I wanted to take that moment to thank them and furthermore with this message thank all out there that support non-profits.  Without them miracles like mine would not always come to fruition.  It was on this particular day, having had my wife receive such a life moment email the day of the MCC gala that I became a semi-believer in coincidences. However I do believe everything does happen for a reason. 

Image Source: Eliau Piha Photography 

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