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DIY Gifting
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by Shaynee Scott, Design Operations Manager & Jennifer Baughman, Community Manager

Do It Yourself, motto of the fearless. A little extra time inevitably saves you a little extra money, and no one can deny that a homemade gift is more personal, thoughtful, and treasured. Here are our favorite ways to add love to gift wrapping and giving. 

Zero waste gift wrapping. The effort of using your surroundings is meaningful and conscious in this day and age. Start by shopping in your home before heading to you the corner store for cheap wrapping paper and a bow. Dive into your closets and trunks for textiles, cloths, tapestries for wrapping. Have you heard of furoshiki? You can use these folding techniques to make your textile wrapping look beautiful.  Newspaper clippings or anything visual that could trigger happy memories is such a sweet surprise. 


Take your bow to the next level.  Homemade bows can be made from strips of any ribbon, paper, or textile. Choose a medium, cut into strips, and weave or braid together to make and interesting wrap and bow embellishment.  One of my favorite styles is to take 12 strips of equal length ribbon, a variety of colors and prints, and layer them over your box. secure the middle of the bunch to the box with tape. Cut down the strips to the center to make several more pieces of each ribbon, then knot in the middle. The effect is a lovely plume of color! Coffee filters are a great material to make fluffy bows as well.  You can paint them and dazzle them with glitter to really drive your festive theme.

Homemade anything is better than store bought anything.  You are more inclined to throw away a Christmas card that is store bought than a Christmas card that is handmade.  Hand drawn Christmas cards can be framed once delivered - and don't be shy if you're no artist. I once did a black ball point pen drawing of the Chrysler building  on white blank cards with snow falling - simple black and white - with a short individual message to each of my friends. In the end it could have been drawn by a 5 year old, but they were cute, and the messages were personal and many friends ended up saving them. 

Invest in a calligraphy set! Anything that is hand written in calligraphy automatically melts people. 

Personalized Essential oil blends.  For every friend you want to give this to, think of something that they need help with.  Stress, insomnia, sugar cravings.  Check out Enfleurage for a blend recipe, and put in cute apothecary glass bottle with handmade tag. 

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