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Dads and Dad Food
by GP Community

We think about our dads, and what it is to be a dad on Father's Day. GP's community members share their memories and the foods that mark the occasion. 

Tim Sullivan, Executive Chef of Venues

Father’s Day is a family day spending time with my wife Jen, my three daughters Anna, Kate and Claire, and my two dogs Minnie and Cooper. After the dogs have been out for some good exercise with the girls riding alongside on their bikes, we head off to Malibu Beach in Long Island where we share a cabana with some of our close friends and fire up the charcoal grill.

My oldest Daughter Anna is a very difficult eater.  I feel like I’m on Top Chef every time I cook for her, and I’ve been told to pack my knives and head home as she denies the dinner I made.  However my other two daughters are rock stars.  And my youngest, Claire, leads the way at just one years of age she is eating everything from steak, chicken and fish to all her veggies.

My contribution to the father’s day BBQ at the cabana this year will be Bourbon Marinated Skirt Steak, Steak Fries with Sambal Mayo, Kale Gratin, and Charred Pickled Carrots. 

Bourbon BBQ Marinade

(Key to a good bourbon marinade is some bourbon for the marinade, some for the guy making it!)

1/3 cup soy sauce

1/2 cup bourbon

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 Tbs fresh ground black pepper

1 tbs spicy brown mustard

4 garlic cloves, minced

1 tbs ground ginger

Whisk together in a medium bold before applying to your meat of choice. 

Geoff Rudaw, Executive Chef of CPS Events at the Plaza Hotel

The last two years, for Father's day, my wife Lauren and I took my daughters Ellen and Eve to Stone Barns Center for Agriculture, for their amazing farm walking tour. The Chef takes the day off for Father's Day! Here is a sample schedule pulled off of the website:

The first year my wife chose the activity for the day, as we wanted the kids to learn where food comes from. Last year, to my surprise,  both of my girls said "today we want to go to the farm that we went to last year.  Can we? Please? "  The first year that we went, Eve had on open toe sandals for the chicken egg collecting, and the chickens were taking little nibbles at her toes.  She remembered it vividly, and did not want a repeat, hence she wore her hi-top sneakers this past year.


I really liked the local foraging tour, as we went on some trails around the property, and identified stinging nettles,  poison ivy, as well as the antidote Jewelweed, that grows near poison ivy in most moist  and dark wooded areas (Jewelweed will not grow in sunny and dry areas).  We also thrashed mustard seeds, fed ducklings, and helped plant seedlings.  We were so happy that they chose to go back on their own, without any suggestion by us. Once again, this year we are going again for Fathers day. 

Ronnie Davis, Ronnie Davis Productions

I have always loved Father’s Day … every single minute of it.   Forty some all too short years ago, my daughter Ashley Rose was born, and from the moment I witnessed her first breath I have been in awe.  From that first Father’s Day as “Pumpkin’s Daddy” I have had the privilege of growing up with her. Simply put … any holiday that celebrates what is clearly the greatest accomplishment of my life is worth more to me than all the others rolled up into one. But then I became a Grandfather, and I cannot even begin to explain the joy of that.  Watching my daughter become a “lioness" protecting her “cubs” is one of the more astounding things I have ever witnessed. I have three very good reasons to live a very long life. And besides…I have a new audience for all the jokes that used to make my daughter groan.


Thank you Ashley, Oren and Guy for keeping me “Forever Young

My Love Forever,

Daddy/Poppy AKA (Ronnie Davis)

Jon Roode, Director of Purchasing

After becoming a dad, you meet other dad friends, and families hang out. This leads to summer barbeques. There's something cliché but true about guys bonding by an open fire and arguing over cooking burgers, steaks, and chicken. Being a chef means I always have something to add to the conversation. But with great power comes great responsibility: my father in law still bristles with jealousy when my other in laws wax nostalgic about my pork spare ribs...

I wanted my little girl to be an "eat everything" awesome kid. This didn't happen. She has thwarted all my efforts. So, I gave up and had another.

Father's Day, like Mother's Day, is a yearly reminder of the big jobs we have. We spend these holidays together and are grateful for each other. 

Jon's Burger Tips for Dads Who Like the Fire

Make the patty slightly wider than the bun.

Put a divot in the patty so it cooks evenly by making a shallow indentation an egg yolk could rest in.

Season the outside thoroughly with salt and cracked pepper on both sides (use more than you think, some with cook off with the drippings)

Use a hot, hot grill and leave the lid open!

When the tops of the burgers are warm to the touch, flip for medium rare. For medium/medium will flip at the first sign of juice in the divot.

Don't forget to toast the buns!

Megan Hughes, Event Director

Growing up we had apple trees in the backyard, so we would pick the apples during apple season and my twin and I would make applesauce with my dad. We were tiny, so we’d stand on the bar stool and smash the apples on the counter in his mom’s old apple press. My twin and I would each make our own batch – mine was always much sweeter and very heavy on the cinnamon.  

My dad is famous for his meals made entirely of leftovers, his Bisquick drop biscuits (a recipe from his mother), and BREAKFAST. We call his breakfast sandwiches “Randy McMuffins”. He’s devoted his life to making the best scrambled eggs and he’s the only one who knows how to perfectly fry an over hard egg to my liking.

Usually hit buckets of golf balls, make craft cocktails around the kitchen island and sit on the back patio and sip our cocktails while we wait for dinner – either out or BBQ at home. We usually manage to fit a ping pong tournament or badminton game in there as well.

Emily Giove, Assistant Event Director

A couple of times a year, my dad, siblings and I will make gnocchi from scratch, as my dad used to do as a boy with his grandmother.  We like to use regular, sweet and purple potatoes for variety (and aesthetics!). I recently bought dad a pizzelle maker, so we started incorporating pizzelle (Italian waffle cookies) into this tradition too – another nostalgic food for him!

Mike Warren, Director of Catering at the Plaza Hotel

On fathers day when the kids were younger I would make pancakes in the morning, spend the day in the yard just horsing around and then have a barbeque. Now that they are older it is harder to get together because two of my boys are in the hospitality industry and usually have to work on father’s day.  We still celebrate together by going out for dinner on day where we are all not working. We have upgraded from barbeque to fine dining.  

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