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by Terry Frishman, Culinest CEO (MBA Columbia Business School), is a culinary business consultant, educator and brainstormer, as well as a passionate and inspiring speaker.

Looking Back & Looking Forward:

Innovative New Food Experiences

2016 was charged with the excitement of new offerings and hints at amazing new ways for food to reach us, as continued trend and industry (e.g. food, technology and health) convergences lead innovation, disruption and scalable opportunities in our food and beverage world.

Technology, for example, is literally taking flight with new F&B delivery options! No longer is “the sky the limit!”

Drones are already filming weddings and events, such as this recent wedding I attended in Goa, India:

And delivering food:

Relatively new, popular delivery options like Uber Eats may soon become Driverless Eats!

Virtual Reality is also likely to disrupt how we learn about and experience our food options.

Imagine walking into different catered parties at a range of gorgeous venues, while sitting on your couch - just like Victorians used stereoscope viewers in their parlors, in the early 1900’s!

Or watching your favorite restaurant’s chef show you how to make their upcoming specials, as she prepares them in her own kitchen.

Food e-commerce will continue to thrive and disrupt the $600B grocery and $783B US restaurant industries. Already, over 100 meal kit companies (e.g. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated, Purple Carrot), 1,500 curated subscription boxes, and online options for almost every brick ‘ mortar are competing for your dollars. What’s next?

Have you heard of IoT - the Internet of Things - where personal information, your purchases, the internet, data, devices, equipment, buildings, etc. can all be connected? “The Internet of Things is going to rock the world of operational effectiveness.” Wal-mart’s CIO, Karenaan Terrell

Already, entrepreneurs are working on ways to reduce food waste, for example. Your food receipts, geography, seasonality data, refrigerator, cooking preferences, etc. can be interconnected via IoT to inform you when your produce might be about to spoil - and recommend, or have your friends recommend, recipes you can use to optimize consumption of what you have on hand.

Curated offerings will continue to thrive. Greater customization options based on your food preferences, needs and wants will abound. Pick and match your own ingredients. Want brain food, like drinks with C8 MCTs? Or more good fats from vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish? Or more plant-based foods? High protein from insect flour, or bison? Greater nutrient density per calorie? Raw? Gluten-free? Non-GMO? Exotic ingredients from around the world? Or the most local of everything? To pick by farm? By Chef? Not a problem. Just like you can go to a salad bar, you’re going to be able to combine ingredients from all over into one food delivery.

These mergers of technology and food are further addressing consumer desire for instant gratification, customization and wanting things when and how they want them. Only our imagination limits our potential for what we can offer, and what will be! 

Terry Frishman has been a repeat guest speaker / Industry Expert on Food Network, at the International Fancy Food Show and International Restaurant Show. She regularly teaches culinary business classes at many schools (most recently at the Culinary Institute of America where she is a Fellow) and at institutions (including Hilton’s global brand strategy, customer insights, brand analytics and guest experience teams). She has been on the Board of Directors for the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance, Roundtable for Women in Foodservice (acquired by Women Chefs and Restaurateurs) and the International Wine & Food Society (NY Chapter).

Terry can be contacted at 212.580.2737 or  

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