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Celebrating CSA Season 2017 | Great Performances


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Celebrating CSA Season 2017
Katchkie Farm
by Beth Kaiserman

Editor's Note:

Tonight we're celebrating the finale of CSA season. The summer and fall were filled with beautiful bounty from Katchkie Farm, delicious fruit from Samascott Orchards - and lots of recipe ideas, some that became reality and some that didn't. 

Here, a couple of our 850 enthusiastic members describe some of their best creations.

Erica Fae:

I've been a member of four other CSA's over the past six years... and you are HANDS DOWN, the best!! The best variety of vegetables over the season (ginger this week?!?)... and the organization is amazing, and the way you deliver everything all beautifully... really, you should know your work is so so so so appreciated!!

The eggplant wedges: they were pan-seared, with green onion, red chard, and brown rice.

The yellow purée soup: that was early on, I believe it was super simple...just yellow squash with fennel and miso.

The beet dish: again, just a simple lunch, steamed beets with garlic & collards...I call these kinds of lunches "CSA specials."

Andrea Hicks:

About Last Night’s Dinner…

Vegetarian Mandarin Orange Chicken w/Scallions over Seasoned Garlic Scapes Ginger Fresh Bok Choy over Jasmine Rice! Mmm mmm good!!

A Healthy Side Dish...

Sautéed Summer Squash and Eggplant!

Alix Mills:

Have CSA bag...

...Will travel! Loving my Katchkie Farm bag on the Gasparilla Island beach.

It’s in your blood!!! Beautiful.

By Cheryl on 2017 10 31

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