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CSA Season
Company News
by Jennifer Baughman, Community Manager

Note: learn about our new Workplace CSA deliveries here!

As you may have heard, in the headline that sent a tremor through the CSA world, Suzannah Schneider, GP's first Sustainability Coordinator and resident farm girl, has gone to actually work on a farm and get her hands dirty. Off the computer, and into the dirt! Luckily for us, a more than capable and similarly loveable replacement has taken her desk chair. 


Stefanie Zaitz is excited to be joining the Katchkie Farm and Great Performances team and is looking forward to a fun and delicious 2017 CSA season! 

Stefanie has a fifth generation farm in her family in Central PA, which she converted to a working organic CSA, Wooden Hill Farms, in late 2008 after the farm went dormant. She started this venture with two friends whom she met at Rutgers University’s student-run organic farm in 2007 where she learned the CSA model. By their second season, they sold out their CSA shares and worked extensively with the Perry County Food Bank to donate fresh organic produce weekly and help start the first soup kitchen in Perry County.  From Pennsylvania, she then returned to NYC for graduate school where she obtained an M.S. in environmental policy and sustainability management, with a focus on food and the environment, from The New School in 2014.  She comes to us from the Corbin Hill Food Project, a Harlem-based non-profit that aims to provide fresh food to those who need it most, providing local produce in low-income communities.

Her aim for Katchkie Farm is to continue its successful CSA program as well to help CSA members stay connected to the farm.  She’s excited to share new enticing new recipes that highlight how to use the weekly or bi-weekly shares and engage CSA members in different ways.  This will include invitations to farm events upstate in Kinderhook, NY and community-building events that will happen throughout NYC.  With over 30 different CSA sites spread out among its Workplace and Community CSA sites, Katchkie Farm’s CSA is unique in that it’s comprised of members spread out all over NYC.  Interesting events like specialty chef-driven classes where members can learn something, like the basics of fermentation or pickling, canning workshops, and more will help bring its CSA community together.  She is also keen on the fun use of social media to connect Katchkie’s CSA community and keep everyone connected to the weekly happenings in the farm fields.  We’ll have themed posts, special hashtags, and photo contests all summer long to highlight our gorgeous certified organic produce and how to use it.

This year, in addition to the base large and small vegetable shares, members can sign up for a fruit share from Samascott Orchards, an egg share with eggs from pasture-raised hens, a honey share from Bee Hollow Farm, and a prepared food CSA share with gourmet food from our Great Performances chefs.  This is the first year we’ll be offering a honey share (2 deliveries throughout the season) and back by popular demand is our prepared food CSA share, which turns the flavors of the harvests into delicious soups, salsas, pestos, and spreads.  

Sign up to our CSA here

Workplace CSA delivery is now available as well - info here!

Stefanie wants to hear from you and wants to hear what other fun stuff the CSA community wants to do!  She’s available to answer any and all CSA comments and concerns at






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