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Katchkie Farm CSA Season 2018 | Great Performances


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Katchkie Farm CSA Season 2018
Katchkie Farm
by Zach Reif, Sustainability Manager

April is the beginning of a VERY important time period for the Katchkie Farm team! Up at Katchkie, Farmer Bob is hard at work planting and transplanting all our beautiful vegetables. Down in the city, it’s full-steam ahead on signing members up for the upcoming CSA season.

What is “CSA” you may ask?

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a direct link between farmer and consumer in order to "invest" in small, local farms. Members sign up for a "share" of the farm’s harvest before the start of the season and in return, the farm delivers fresh produce to their "investors.” Participating in a CSA is a unique opportunity to build close, life-long relationships between farmers and consumers. Knowing who grows your food and how they do so has become less and less common in today’s modern food system. Local outlets such as farmers’ markets and CSA counter this trend, bridging the unknown between plate and farm.

Katchkie Farm’s NYC-based CSA has public pick-up sites at four convenient locations: 

Mae Mae Café 
Signature Theatre
Haven’s Kitchen
Brooklyn Museum 

To become a member, visit

Finally, if your business or apartment building has 15 people interested in CSA, Katchkie Farm will deliver to you directly! For information on Workplace or Residential CSAs, contact

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