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Coming Together
CPS Events at The Plaza
by Emily Reifel

When Eyal Tessler calls you about a Plaza Wedding you know it's going to be an amazing party!  He called me regarding Julia and Adam's wedding and told me that Julia's parents had also been married at The Plaza so we were coming in as their first choice but they needed to make sure! They came to see me when I was actually doing a wedding for some family friends of theirs that Adam's parents were attending that night! So pressure was on to deliver at the appointment but also the wedding that night had to be picture perfect! Thank goodness it was and soon everyone was on board!  This couple is a perfect example of what every New York couple aspires to be! Smart, beautiful, handsome, successful and tons of fun!  So we let the planning begin!

Eyal had known Julia's family for years as he also worked on her cousins wedding in Israel. That always helps in the course of the planning because Eyal has a lot of knowledge as to what the family is accustomed to and what they like upfront rather than trying to figure it out over time. Julia and Adam's families were both involved in the planning.  It was nice to see both sets of parents come together as a true family. Many times families live far away and don't have the opportunity that Adam and Julia's family had. Seeing how involved everyone was at the tasting and all the décor meetings was awesome!

Jen Stone of Stone Kelly Events was brought on board for decor for this party and did an extraordinary job helping everyone's vision take true form. You could see Julia's sense of elegance shine through but with hints of natural, wild and organic flowers and branches there was an overall sense of calm and simplicity.

As guests arrived for the ceremony they were greeted with champagne before they were seated to get the night started on a festive tone! Then to my surprise, my dear friend Elad Kabillo had been hired to play all of the ceremony music! I had no idea that he also knew Julia's mother and also Eyal! We were all so excited to see each other and of course his music was so beautiful it just made you want to!

As Julia went down the aisle in her Vera Wang gown the guests were in total awe! Soon it was time for cocktail hour. Adam and Julia wasted no time and went straight to greet their guests! This was a group that definitely seemed like they all knew each other and how to have a good time! As guests entered the Ballroom they were greeted to the sounds of Element Music's newest and sought after band leader Adam. He kicked off the night with Adam and Julia's first dance song which was Kygo's Firestone. It's a romantic song but also has an amazing deep beat to it so the crowd was pleased when they were asked to join in! This dance party didn't stop! Well maybe for a few incredible toasts and of course our fantastic branzino and filet mignon! Cake cutting was quick so everyone could get back out there to dance!!!

I was having a blast watching everyone celebrate including a good handful of my past clients who I now call friends! It was this wonderful night of everyone coming together in the Grand Ballroom and continuing to make more memories in this iconic place.

The after party kicked up and the energy was still building. It wasn't just Adam and Julia's friends that stayed! No one wanted to leave! Guests were thrilled to see that Adam and Julia had even brought in their friend Dawn's famous pasta as a late night snack since this is how they have been late night snacking for years! Their friends absolutely loved it!

The night finally came to an end and everyone came together to thank the bride and groom.

Eyal and I came together, gave each other a high five and toasted to our next event together! Because this one truly came together so nicely!

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